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Aurora Retailer Wizard: The One Stop Shop

for Engaging Lottery Retailers, Driving Best

Practices, and Growing Sales

It’s no secret that inventory management, accounting, and

lottery best practices can be challenging for most retailers.

With Aurora Retailer Wizard, everything retailers need to

manage and grow their lottery business is just a click away.

Unique in the industry, Aurora Retailer Wizard is a powerful

tool customized to fit the needs of both corporate account and

independent retailers – including those who own multiple locations

– today and tomorrow. Retailer Wizard simplifies and streamlines

the entire lottery process, so that retailers can devote more time

and energy to engaging players. After all, that’s what sells tickets.

Aurora Retailer Wizard provides lottery retailers and their

employees with a single, user-friendly site from which to obtain

and interact with all the information they need to manage their

business, without being tied to their terminals. Because Retailer

Wizard’s responsive design works seamlessly across any browser or

device, busy retailers can have at-a-glance access to accurate and

timely information,

training, and tools via

desktop, laptop, tablet,

and smartphone – from

anywhere with a web connection.

Insights Your Retailers Need to Drive Their

Business Forward

Aurora Retailer Wizard enables a new level of engagement with

retailers and supports in-store execution and sales performance.

It facilitates two-way communication between a lottery and

its retailers, letting them know exactly where they stand, even

between sales calls; drives lottery best practices; and

stimulates actions to correct sales-depleting situations that

may exist in their stores.

Starting with their personalized home page, or dashboard,

featuring widgets with data graphics specific to that

retailer’s business, retailers have their own Electronic Funds

Transfer (EFT) information, sales and earnings data,

jackpot and winner awareness, and other sales-driving tools

right at their fingertips. Actionable alerts notify retailers in

real time about potentially revenue-draining situations,

such as when they have not activated new instant games

by launch day or if they have empty bins in their Lottery

Vending Machines (LVMs), and Retailer Wizard’s

extensive inventory management features provide them

with real-time information about instant ticket inventory,

including by-game and by-pack details; sales trends; ticket-

tracking functionality; the ability to confirm, activate, and

settle directly from the portal; and more. Aurora Retailer

Wizard also delivers vital training right to retailers and their

staff through its interactive Lottery Learning Link (LLL)

module, ensuring the lottery presents a knowledgeable

front line to its players.






Strengthens 2-way

communication with

access and awareness

Keeps retailers

on top of

business anytime,


Includes eLearning

for interactive training

of retailers and their sta

Stimulates actions

today to increase

sales today

Automate and

streamlines the

entire retailer

life cycle

Aurora Retailer Wizard Functionality and Associated Benefits