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There is no escaping the fact that we are living in a digital

world, as consumers with busy lives we want convenience and

the ability to buy what we want, when we want. But does this

world need to be black and white? All or nothing? Online/of-

fline? or can we as an industry embrace the fact that there really


fifty shades of digital


We do not underestimate the challenge of going fully digital,

legislators, retailers and lobby groups are all ready to express

their objections and concerns, but is there a happy medium that

everyone can agree on? For the sake of our industry, and the

beneficiaries we support, we believe there has to be.

We believe that there are

fifty shades of digital

, and even with

the constraints that some states and countries face there are still

digital elements that they can embrace. Re-evaluating your ad-

vertising spend and putting more money behind digital chan-

nels is a quick win that all lotteries can easily make. Using social

media is also a low hanging fruit that can be used - this is also

a great way for lotteries to broaden their reach and engage the

younger, harder to reach player.

Executing a mobile led strategy which bridges the gap between

online and in-store is also a quick win. Ticket scanning, mobile

results checking, store locators, and ibeacon messaging…. these

are all digitally hosted features you can offer players without any

transaction happening in digital.

Once you have begun to develop your digital presence, you

can continue to evolve and develop the offering, introducing

enhanced content with digital second chance games. This not

only gives players the opportunity to interact with your lottery

and to play exciting games, it also gives you the opportunity to

develop a personal relationship with your players. And, in time,

you can use this digital presence to demonstrate that the digital

lottery world is not something to fear—it is a necessary evolu-

tion which can be well managed to ensure your lottery is able to

achieve sustainable growth in a responsible way.

There are a number of lotteries in North America who are

dipping their toes into the digital world. In Vermont the lottery

has been looking into digital second chance games and extended

online game options. In Iowa the lottery has an established a

VIP Club which allows players to enter second-chance draws by

entering non-winning tickets into their VIP Club accounts on-

line, allowing them to build up and enhance relationships with

their most loyal customers.

In Europe, Loterie Romande has recently launched a new

Sports App which benefits both players and retailers in Switzer-

land, and represents a true ‘digital in retail’ experience for users.

SportTip One and SportTip Set App users are now able to check

results and get more frequent and up to date programme infor-

mation, but more importantly are able to create their wagers on



of Digital

Duncan Malyon

Senior Vice President North America

Camelot Global