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away from actual contact with the players in the retail channel. It

is time say “no” to being marginalized and “yes” t taking action to

heroically break through to the next paradigm. It is time to utilize

an omnipresent approach to connect to the retail player on their

terms, in their sphere of interests, so that lottery becomes relevant

and within the scope of attention of a far broader base of players. To

do this we need to engage in the power of social media, be visible

and meaningful to all players, with relevant sponsorships, market-

ing and initiatives.

The Run to Adapt

The existing paradigm for lottery at retail is transaction centric

with a focus on retailers as customers.  The change that must oc-

cur is to move toward placing the player in the center of the busi-

ness model, while unobtrusively enabling secure transactions in

any circumstance.  We have the technology to seamlessly offer the

opportunity to buy/sell lottery anywhere and to collect player data

to gain relevance to players and serve their preferences.  Now, lot-

tery must join the type of ecommerce customer service model used

by Amazon, for example, that caters to

the customer through customer knowl-

edge, without being intrusive.

Novomatic Lottery Solutions (NLS)

has embraced the “Bamm” philosophy

of saying “no to the status quo” as one

of the company’s core values. The

company is wholly engaged in the run

to adapt to this player-centric model

through several points of change. Be-

ginning with the lottery platform it-

self, NLS suggests an increased use of

integrations with major retailers’ back

office systems, enabling retailers to sell

lottery products from their systems

and report the transaction to NLS in

real time.

Under NLS integration plans, not

only is the traditional lotto terminal

unnecessary, but innovative games can

be created that bring entertainment

(and lottery relevance) to the shopping experience. For example,

retail system integration can allow a retailer to offer a shopper the

chance to purchase a dollar lottery ticket with the prize being a

payment of the cost of their retail purchase. There is an instant win

decision at checkout, the retailer and the lottery benefit, the shop-

per is entertained and connected to lottery, and he/she may even

win a prize of a free purchase at their preferred major retailer.

In addition, NLS embraces convergence to bring an omnipres-

ence of products and services to players. This convergence will al-

low customization of games, prizes, prices, promotions, services

and experiences. It will create personalized communication tailored

to preferences and greater convenience with seamless play across

channels and services. It will enable better, more personalized re-

sponsible gambling tools and preferences. This is what today’s cus-

tomers expect and this is what will cultivate sustainable long-term

player relationships.

Let the Force—of Disruption—MOVE You

Leveraging the disruption and speed of change in the current

retail marketplace is essential to lottery’s continued viability. As

captured in NLS’s solution strategy; “One size fits NONE”—each

lottery market is different, operational regulations are different,

people are different which means players are different and above

all, the environment is, and will forever be, different. It is time

to run toward our players with the full force of the vision and

brilliance that has been the trademark of our industry. Bamm,

Bamm, Bamm.

Since 2013 customers expect the

same service offline and online.

If you lack one channel

you are blind in one eye.

—Dietmar Dahmen, European Lotteries Presentation

This article is based on keynote presentation made by Dietmar Dahmen

representing NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS) at the European Lotteries

(EL) Industry Days.