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that really works is that we have to be more willing to invest. For example, in

Ontario we pay for back wall advertising. Cigarettes used to occupy the space

behind the cash register which are now points of advertising for us. We were

reluctant to pay for that space but have found that it really is paying off for us

by giving us visibility right at the point of sale where you absolutely want to

capture their attention.

Tom Delacenserie:

You’re exactly right. It may be worth investing our own

money to produce the desired results of increased net funds for good causes. We

invested in jackpot signage for lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, and found that

they produced a 5% sales increase which is huge.

Adam Perlow:

You have already pointed out the importance of sales rep’s in

the whole relationship-building process. I would submit that they need to be

given the tools they need to be effectively helpful to the retailers. The retailers

want the sales reps to be equipped to tell them what games are performing best

and how to configure the POS to display the games in the best ways possible.

The sales rep’s need detailed information about how the games perform in order

to educate the retailer on how to optimize that performance. That’s the value of

Hudson Alley OnePlace force automation software.

John Pittman:

We are focusing on the in-store component to merchandis-

ing. But as Tom pointed out, we should also be thinking of the entire customer

journey as being an integrated process. Mobile apps and messaging, signage and

advertising, and all other consumer touch-points, along with in-store merchan-

dising, should be factored into the whole retail optimization strategy. When it

comes to doing this, along with integrating digital technology into the mix, the

answers are simple but execution is not always so simple.

Tom Shaheen:

We don’t need to worry about getting the 22 year-olds to

play right now, but we do need to make sure that they’re going to play when

they’re 35. To accomplish this we need to remained focus on taking lottery to

where the consumers are as opposed to hoping they will come to where lot-

tery is currently available. We also need to ensure that experience is fast and

convenient. Lotteries are doing a fabulous job at getting there despite all the

political constraints.

For more information about Pro-Lite’s

lottery point of sale signage, please contact:

Linda Turner

Sales Manager, Lottery Division





Pro-lite’s new player

transaction and

jackpot display signs

are great and fit well

in a variety of

retailer locations.

They are attention-

getting and have been


Sometimes you can

actually see them

from the street.

Jackpot and


communication to

our players has


tremendously with

the addition of

these units.

– May Scheve Reardon,

Missouri Lottery

Executive Director

Retail Optimization:

The Outside-the-Store

Consumer Experience…

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The retailers want the sales reps to be equipped

to tell them what games are performing best and

how to configure the POS to display the games

in the best ways possible.

—Adam Perlow