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Retailer Tested, Retailer Approved

To create this innovative website, IGT gathered insights from sales

staffs, sales and marketing management, operations staffs, and

training resources from lotteries around the world – and perhaps

most importantly, from retailers themselves. In multiple usability

studies and focus groups with independent retailers and corporate

account users, Aurora Retailer Wizard was given “an unqualified

thumbs up,” lauded by all retailers in attendance for being “a true

diagnostic tool to pinpoint where and how to boost lottery ticket

sales” and “a real and significant improvement over the tools …

retailers currently have.” Retailers were quick to see the benefits

Aurora Retailer Wizard brings them, as the following remarks from

participants testify.


Because the needs of a local “mom and pop” market are different

from those of a corporate account, home pages and secondary

dashboards are customized to each type of user – independent

retailers, chain subordinate retailers, chain headquarters users, and

lottery staff – and to the user’s role in his or her organization. Plus,

Aurora Retailer Wizard allows for even greater personalization by

enabling users to “drag and drop” widgets easily onto their own

dashboards and to position them so they are readily available.

Single Retailer View

Aurora Retailer Wizard fully embodies the smart, open, agile

solutions IGT has developed to drive lottery profitability and

growth. Since IGT’s Aurora technology enables extending back-

end services across multiple applications, Aurora Retailer Wizard,

Aurora Retailer Manager, Aurora Performance Intel, and Aurora

Instant Processing System will all share the same service and the

same information to provide a single retailer view and make sure

a lottery presents a unified front. Of course, as part of the Aurora

suite of open, innovative products, Retailer Wizard easily integrates

with other IGT and third-party applications as well, empowering

retailers to reach for new heights with more control and greater

access to data – whenever, wherever, and however they choose.

“We have

multiple locations

so it makes my life a lot

easier, by managing it all

from one screen, one


“I’m going to use it

on a daily basis.”

“Whatever you need,

it’s all in one place,

whatever you’re

looking for.”

“The new information

will help me boost

my sales.”

“It’s more detailed

in terms of how it’s broken

down, easier for you to access

it…you don’t have to go to

the machine, print out every

single report, sit down

and do all the


“There are a lot of things

I saw I never thought

much about, now I’m

going to look into them.”

Retailer Feedback

For more information on Aurora, IGT’s new lottery technology

solution, visit

*All quotes: Reilly Group, Retailer Research report, November 2015.