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the app before going into their local retailer to play, making the

experience quicker and hassle free for all parties.

The Irish National Lottery has just released the latest evolu-

tion of their mobile app which now allows players to purchase

a ticket on their mobile and play Instant Win Games. Prior to

this the mobile app featured useful game information including

draw results, jackpot reminder notifications, a ticket barcode

scan facility to automatically check if they are a winner, number

check functionality and nearest National Lottery outlet locator.

The Irish National Lottery is a great example of demonstrating

that it does not need to be all or nothing from the outset that

there are various ‘shades’ in-between.

Many people probably believe that the UK National Lottery

is at the dark end of the spectrum due to it early adoption of

iLottery - in some ways you would be correct. However, the UK

National Lottery is a great example of a lottery that is constantly

evolving and developing its digital offering based on listening to

what its players want and need. Last month they announced an

enhanced offering on their mobile app which allows players in

the UK to use their smartphones to check draw results to find

out if they’re a lucky winner—all a player has to do is tap on

the ‘Scan Ticket’ button and scan the QR code on the National

Lottery ticket. Alongside the Ticket Scanning feature, and to

complement the retail customer focus of the feature, this release

also includes the rollout of a ‘Lite’ version of the Android appli-

cation - this allows the UK National Lottery to reach the major-

ity of the UK Android user base from the ease of the Play Store

for the first time, which is anticipated to result in a substantial

increase in installed user base.

Like with many things in life it is all about embarking on a

journey and communicating back how your journey is progress-

ing. There will be bumps in the road and hurdles to overcome as

you advance through the various ‘shades’ but overall the journey

will position your lottery, your players and your beneficiaries in

pole position to survive.

The key throughout any digital journey is communication.

Be open and honest with your legislature on the success that

you have seen, explaining also the benefits of your strategy,

and how you will develop it. Build their support, and engage

them in your vision. Bring your retailers on the journey. Share

with them the success stories from Vermont, Iowa, Switzer-

land, Ireland, and the UK, among others, who have succeeded

in growing retail in conjunction with digital. Help your play-

ers to gain confidence in the concept of digital lotteries, reas-

sure them that you can meet their needs safely, securely, and

personally. Show them that it’s not all or nothing - there really


fifty shades of digital