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to assessing the pros and cons to

solutions involving API’s, managing

jackpots, developing Mobile apps,

building the brand, and other topics

that we address. Gardner Gurney re-

ceived the Major Peter J O’Connell

Lottery Industry Lifetime Achieve-

ment Award in 2015.

Paul Jason, PGRI:

The New York Lot-

tery has had some clever themes. A few years

ago, it was “Yeah, that kind of rich,” and

“You need to be in it, to win it.” This year,

the theme is “Hey, you never know.” Is there

any one of these that struck you as particu-

larly resonant with your audience?

Gardner Gurney:

It is less about hav-

ing a clever slogan than having every

part of our messaging work together in

a mutually reinforcing, organic way. We

change the advertising theme based upon

the overarching marketing and brand

management strategies we are developing.

We have been working on new brand

development strategies for the past year

with McCann World Group, our new

ad’ agency. We are now implementing a

more integrated brand building approach

to augment the product specific promo-

tions. We’re clarifying who we are, who

we want to be, and what we can offer to

consumers that other CPG’s (consumer

package goods) cannot. Think about our

“Hey, you never know” and compare that

with “Yeah, that kind of rich.” They are

quite different. “Hey, you never know”

is a softer-sell, more like an invitation to

play. “Yeah, that kind of rich” is a more

conventional appeal to the desire to win

a jackpot, to get rich. Our new theme is

more about helping the consumer to feel

good about playing than tapping into the

desire to be rich. The Lottery is a play-

ful brand. This approach also aligns with

our longer term goal of sustainability and

responsible gaming.

“Hey, you never know” is also in tune

with a more contemporary messaging

concept of trying to connect with today’s

consumer, and especially a younger audi-

ence, which resists and may even discon-

nect from the harder sell approach. It’s

more about connecting with a positive

The New York Lottery has launched an innovative, first-of-its-kind 3-dimen-

sional instant game that brings players into the next dimension. Gold Castle com-

bines the excitement of dragons, castles and fantasy on a new instant game with

revolutionary augmented reality (AR) via a new mobile app—all with the chance

to win a $250,000 top prize. The game underscores the New York Lottery’s goal to

provide innovative entertainment for its players with state-of-the-art technology.

“The New York Lottery is proud to offer the first-ever scratch-off that brings AR to

life in game play,”

said Gardner Gurney, Director of the Division of Lottery for the

New York State Gaming Commission.

“Gold Castle changes the narrative in how

instant games are played, bringing players into a new world with an exciting way to

win up to $250,000.”

To bring the Gold Castle game to life, players simply need to download the

free NY Lottery 3D mobile app and then scratch to reveal the special barcode

on their $5 ticket, available for purchase at more than 14,500 retailers across the

state. Scanning the barcode will launch a 3D rendering of a medieval castle on

the player’s smartphone (complete with a looming dragon nearby). Players then

tap the castle windows to reveal any cash prizes and earn points. With chances to

win between $5 and $250,000, players can share news of their winnings on social

networks directly through the app.

Players may also play Gold Castle as a traditional scratch-off on the bottom half

of the ticket. The end result is the same regardless of whether or not the individual

plays the game in 3D or in the traditional scratch-off way. 

Players collect winnings by presenting the ticket to a New York Lottery retail-

er or customer service center. The new NY Lottery 3D app is available through

Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices.

For more information, please visit 

or follow @newyorklot-

tery and@goldcastle3D on Twitter and New York Lottery and Gold Castle 3D on

Facebook. This innovative 3D technology is licensed to the NY Lottery exclusively

through IGT Global Solutions and powered by Paymaxs.




The Gold Castle instant game allows New York Lottery

players to experience augmented reality in an entirely

new & exciting way—via mobile app to play scratch-off

games growth in FY 2016!