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Page Background First there were the four P’s (Price, Product, Promotion, Place), then the more consumer-centric four C’s (Consumer, Cost, Communication, Convenience). Or maybe you prefer Shimizu’s four C’s (Commodity, Cost, Communication, Channel)? In the modern world of Mobile, social media, lifestyle diversity, and the explosion of consumer options —it’s time for an update. We need a coherent vision, a model that grounds our thinking, for how the modern consumer marketplace actually functions, and how to build the relationship with the consumer that will blossom well into the future. At Lottery Expo 2016 we’ll start to connect these dots, with a large dose of practicality and focus on the specific needs of Lottery. Think futurist Alvin Toffler meets pragmatist Peter Drucker to build the marketing model that connects Lottery with the modern consumer and the marketplace of the future. Lottery Expo provides a unique forum for industry leaders to address the challenges and opportunities that face our industry today. We hope to see you there! Conference Sessions September 13th & 14th Evening Receptions September 12th, 13th & 14th LOTTERY EXPO 2 0 1 6 PGRI Unlocking the Power of Integration Connecting New Media, Modern Lifestyles, and the Lottery Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel Visit to register, reserve hotel rooms, and for conference updates Gaming news website: Video presentation website: Call: U.S. + 425-449-3000