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PGRI Introduction:

The New York

Lottery fiscal year ends March 31 and

so they have announced the results

of Fiscal 2015/2016, and what a year

this was! Overall revenue (including

Lottery and VLT) increased 5.8% to

hit a new record high of $9.69 billion,

yielding a record total of $3.3 billion

in net funds for distribution to public


“On all metrics, the New

York Lottery continues to be the most

profitable lottery on the continent and

underscores the success of New

York’s smart gaming policies,”

said NY

Gaming Commission Executive Direc-

tor Robert Williams. Traditional lottery

games set a new record of $7.7 bil-

lion in sales in FY 2015/16, a 6.2%

increase over the previous year’s

$7.25 billion. This encompasses draw

games such as Mega Millions, Pow-

erball, Cash4Life, Lotto, Numbers,

Win 4, Take 5, Pick 10, Quick Draw,

and Instant Games. Draw game sales

grew to $3.79 billion in FY 2015/16

from $3.49 billion in 2014/15, an in-

crease of 8.6%. Instant “scratch-

offs” games grew to $3.91 billion in

FY 2015/16 from $3.76 billion the

prior year, an increase of 4%. VLT net

win increased by 4.3% with a record

$1.98 billion in FY 2015/16. The NY

Lottery’s contribution represents 14%

of the state’s total aid to education in

local school districts.

What makes these results so impres-

sive is that the NY Lottery is one of the

most highly developed market-plac-

es in the U.S. Sales increased from a

performance base-line that is already

the largest in traditional lottery sales

($7.7 billion which is 25% higher than

the second highest), one of the most

highly penetrated (at $378 per capita

sales for traditional lottery games, the

third highest in the U.S.), and one of

the most mature lotteries (started 49

years ago in 1967).

Over the past 27 years, Gardner

Gurney has served in many capaci-

ties at the New York Lottery including

its Director of Financial Administra-

tion, Administrative Officer, Director

of Operations, Executive Deputy Di-

rector, and Director. As the industry

’go-to’ person for matters requiring

the experience, wisdom, and de-

cades of successful leadership in the

country’s biggest lottery, Mr. Gurney

applies a no nonsense practicality





Director of the Division of Lottery,

New York State Gaming Commission

Is it a “Growth Stock” or “Blue Chip Stock?”

The New York Lottery is the biggest and among the oldest lotteries

in the country. And it’s delivered 5.8% growth in FY 2016!

Marketing and promotions are as much about

logistics, operations, and the science

of demographics, as they are about creative

advertising and promotion.