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opportunity. They are among the richest

companies in the world, with a combined

market cap of $1.5 trillion, but none of the

tech companies wants to buy its way into

Hollywood. Rather, they hope to establish

an independent presence.

Apple has been a player in the entertain-

ment business for years, but few people

know that. Eddy Cue, who oversees the

company’s Internet software and services,

is a well-known presence in Hollywood.

He has been negotiating licensing deals

with film studios and TV networks since

the beginning days of iTunes in the early

2000s. In Apple’s 2015 annual report, the

company reported nearly $20 billion in

revenue for its services business, which

includes sales from the iTunes Store, as well

as the App Store, Apple Music, AppleCare,

and Apple Pay. The company sees these

services—especially “apps, movies, and

TV shows”—as an important part of the

company’s growth strategy. Apple appears

to be undertaking a two-pronged approach

to original programming. The first is a slate

of short films, music videos, and documen-

taries that will feature musicians. The idea

is to use this content to promote Apple

Music, the subscription streaming service

that launched in 2015.

The second method is to do what Amazon

and Netflix have done: offer original TV-

style entertainment.

This effort is being directed by Robert

Kondrk, Apple’s VP of iTunes content.

Kondrk must balance Apple’s objectives—

for multiple successes at once—with the

risk required to achieve those successes.

For example, Amazon executed a $250

million deal for a new series with the Top

Gear stars and HBO signed the popular

sports-and-culture figure Bill Simmons,

who could have helped Apple with both

original series and podcasts. Apple is

“definitely more cautious,”

says Eric Jackson,

managing director of SpringOwl Asset


“They probably see that as a

strength, but I think it could hurt them if

they end up being too slow. By all accounts,

[Amazon and Netflix] are going to keep press-

ing on the gas in terms of making investments

in this space.”

In March, Apple announced its first origi-

nal production, an unscripted documen-

tary series celebrating apps and starring

As Apple moves into originals,

it has leverage that neither Netflix nor

Amazon had when they began making

original shows: a positive reputation among

creators. Years of recruiting celebrities to be

brand advocates has entrenched Apple as a

company friendly toward artists.

Although there are numerous questions,

including whether Apple will use its

money to finance shows or build its own

team of development executives, no one is

concerned by the lack of specifics. Why?

“Because it’s Apple,”

one manager says.

Mysterious ancient civilizations are the hot

new thing in gaming


Poland and Czech Republic Boost

Online Gambling in E.U.

The new law regarding online gambling

in the Czech Republic includes strict ISP

blocking measures as well as financial trans-

action blocking in an attempt to stop unli-

censed operators. The law also includes strict

loss limits and bet size limits. The Poland

Ministry of Finance announced the govern-

ment’s intention to amend its gambling laws

to make it less complex for offshore internet

gambling operators to apply for a Polish

betting license.

“We want Poland in a sphere

of normality and common sense. We want to

move away from solutions that make 95% of

betting a gray area.”

The New Finland Gaming Company

will be Called Veikkaus

The Finnish gaming operations of Fintoto,

RAY, and Veikkaus are merging to form the

new Finnish gaming company that will start

its operations on 1 January 2017. The com-

pany will reinforce the Finnish responsible

gaming system and offer fun and benefits by

providing entertaining Finnish games. It will

generate over one billion euros a year to the

common good for everyone living in Finland.

As of 1 January 2017, the new gaming com-

pany will be called Veikkaus. The company

has a total of 1.9 million Finnish loyal cus-

tomers. The objective is to appoint the CEO

of the new company in June. The company

will employ nearly 2,000 people.

The new gaming company will be called

Veikkaus. The new shared name was decided

on the basis of an extensive, multi-stage

consumer survey. The company will be

provided with a completely new brand and

visual image. The name and identity of the

new company were designed on the basis of

an extensive multi-stage consumer survey.

During the spring 2016, a total of 4,300

Finns took part in the different stages of the

survey. According to the survey, two out of

three Finns feel that Veikkaus is a suitable

name for the new gaming company. Finnish

consumers are familiar with it and it repre-

sents security and responsibility.

The survey analysed Finns’ views on a

reliable gaming company. Among the key

points raised in the survey were the fact

that the products enjoy a strong Finnish

consumer protection and that the company

provides tools for gaming control and is a

social benefactor.

Several experts from all of the current

gaming companies were involved in the

planning of the consumer survey. Whilst

looking for the best possible solution, the

working group also explored the option

of introducing a completely new name.

However, the customers chose the old ac-

customed name, Veikkaus.

The new name and brand will be implement-

ed gradually. The first elements of the new

brand and the shared name will be visible to

the customers at the beginning of 2017.

The new company will be provided with

an altogether new brand, visual image,

and colour scheme. At the present stage,

the new gaming company’s text logo and

symbol are ready.

The symbol of the new company will

symbolize the company’s positive impact

on society, representing three cornerstones: