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Page Background July/August 2016 // PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL // 29

make sure we talk about the

dollars and not the percent-

age because the retailers like

to remind us about the low

margin. We point out that

you can’t take the percentage

to the bank—it’s the dollars you take to the bank. For example,

we want to get the retailers’ support to advertise at the pump. By

appreciating that the retailers’ goal is to cause the consumer to

come into the store, the sell is that we are helping to drive store

traffic that will end up buying not just lottery products but an

additional basket of goods.

Adam Perlow:

I think there’s going to be a competition for

space when it comes to digital displays. There is an argument

to be made for having large displays at retail with digital menu

boards and tying that into the ordering and planogram process.

Technology is expensive, but it’s less expensive than the alterna-

tive of not maximizing product awareness. Tom is having great

success in Florida with this strategy as are other lotteries around

the country. Digital technologies in general will be key to en-

hancing the consumer in-store

experience as well as maximiz-

ing product awareness.

Tom Delacenserie:


was a time when the only way

that you could advertise the jackpot was by using a small eraser

board that looked like a billboard and it would be on the counter.

Except that the retailer had to wipe off the old jackpot to update

it with the new. So it always understated the actual jackpot. It

cost money to upgrade that process but clearly it was a good

investment. There is always a cost to modernizing, and we need

to be willing to invest.

John Pittman:

Recalling the original question about how do

we get more space and more favorable location at the retailers.

We need to educate. The thought process for Lottery, Vendor,

and Retailer needs to be informed about the facts of what leads

to success. Do our retailers understand the per-square-foot prof-

itability of Lottery? Or the cost advantages of a product that they

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There is always a cost to modernizing,

and we need to be willing to invest.

—Tom Delacenserie