Michigan Gaming Control Board sends cease-and-desist letters to US, international internet gaming companies due to illegal operations

“Gambling regulations are in place for a reason, and illegal gambling operations are not welcome in Michigan,” MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams said. “We do not want businesses who skirt the law having access to Michigan citizens and leaving them vulnerable because they are playing on unregulated sites that leave them with no recourse, and that siphon funds away from communities because they are not paying taxes like a regulated, legal gambling establishment would.”

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DraftKings Faces Hearing in Massachusetts for Credit Deposit Violations

The Massachusetts Expanded Gaming Act of 2011 provides the MGC with “all powers necessary” to carry out and effectuate “adjudicatory proceedings and promulgate regulations.” DraftKings is also facing a class-action lawsuit in Massachusetts alleging that the sportsbook deceived customers into signing up through a “$1,000 Bonus” promotion.

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Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office Plans To Appeal Skill Games Ruling

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office said that skill games are “clearly” slot machines and not games of skill. However, it does not have the authority to ban the games.  In September, the AG’s office pitched the higher court to join in on the ruling. The court brief read: “To the extent that the phrase ‘slot machine’ in the Crimes Code requires further clarification, this Court should join the Superior Court in concluding that the Crimes Code and the Gaming Act should be read together.”

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