High value notes are popular with organised criminals as they are a lighter, more efficient way of carrying large amounts of cash.  In 2010, Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency estimated that 90 percent of 500 euro ($680) banknotes sold from exchange bureaus in the country were in the hands of organised criminals.   PGRI Note: This article speaks to the fact of just how big a problem that money-laundering has become.   Casinos are being required to strengthen their systems for monitoring transactions in order to prevent money-laundering.
Landscape of online gambling is constantly changing and this is why McAfee suggests leveraging cross-sector, cross-border, and public-private partnerships to apprehend cybercriminals.  The research firm also notes Europol's European Cybercrime Centre, which says that money-laundering through online gambling can be curbed by gathering information on cybercrime, and maintaining technical expertise for law enforcement in all member states.  This issue can be tackled by coordinating complex transnational cases in close collaboration with organizations such as Interpol and Eurojust.

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