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“With $1, $2, $5 and $10 games available for play, Set For Life truly offers something for  everyone,” said Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief. “We expect this to be another successful suite of scratch-off games for the Texas Lottery and look forward to the revenue it will generate for public education.”

Webcast Image Webcast - Live Q2 2015 Scientific Games Corporation Earnings Conference Call 08/03/15 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Rebecca Hargrove, President and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery, having just completed her 30th year with various states' lottery programs, served as CEO of the Georgia program before stepping across the border to get Tennessee's lottery up and running.    Hargrove's experience and influence no doubt have been a large part of why the Tennessee lottery is successful. One innovation, for example, is the introduction of 46 new scratch-off instant tickets. The instant-ticket games last year accounted for 83 percent of total sales.
About $4.4billion has been raised over the last eight decades -950 community groups share in Lotterywest Grants.
Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said "Our scratch-ticket sales led the way to some really strong numbers for the year," Rich said in a news release. "We've concentrated on diversifying our product mix in the field and keeping a variety of games on the market to give customers choices. We do our best to take care of the behind-the-scenes work so our players can just have fun and dream a little."

Tony Bitonti, OLG's senior manager of media relations, said the process to privatize the lottery operations is continuing. “We are working through the RFP stage and all of the proponents are still actively engaged,” Bitonti said. The announcement of a lottery service provider is still expected 2016. like table games and slot machines – would generate an additional $74 million. The modernization process, which OLG embarked upon more than a year ago, is designed to create an additional $1.3 billion to the government annually by privatizing its lottery and gaming operations. The OLG will continue to oversee operations through legislative requirements.
Fast Play is an exciting new game style that offers players fast-paced games with immediate results and cash payouts,” said Carole Hedinger, New Jersey Lottery Executive Director. “Various game themes and price points keep the Fast Play games engaging to play and loaded with cash prizes.”

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As a result of the provincial sport lottery administration centres’ decision to temporarily suspend accepting online lottery order, the company did not generate any revenue from sports lottery sales in the second quarter of 2015. The temporary stay, jointly promulgated by China’s Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Administration of Sports, has the stated aim of tackling unauthorised lottery sales in mainland China.
West Virginia State law prohibits unlicensed use of things like slot machines, roulette wheels and craps tables at any place other than licensed casinos. Currently, vendors are contracting with some charitable organizations to use the equipment at fundraising events. “We’re asking fraternal organizations, charitable groups, hospitals, churches and folks not to have these types of events, find something else,” state Lottery Director John Musgrave said Tuesday.
“We are proud to be a reliable source of additional funding for education, with lottery contributions totaling more than $28 billion since 1988, including more than $1 billion annually for the past 13 consecutive fiscal years,” said Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell. The Florida Lottery reached a record of $5.58 billion in annual sales and more than $1.5 billion in transfers to education during fiscal year 2014-15.  It was the fourth consecutive year of both record sales and record funding raised to benefit education.
Like any other business that depends on disposable income, the Maine lottery is affected by the economy, said Gregg Mineo, director of the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations. More disposable income means people may be more inclined to purchase a ticket or two from the more than 1,300 lottery agents around the state. People spent $251.9 million on Maine lottery tickets in the fiscal year that ended on June 30, easily beating the previous record of $230 million set in 2007.
Lottery Executive Director Alice Garland attributed the success to North Carolinians enjoying our lottery games and winning prizes.” “Our job is to operate fair and honest games and to encourage those who choose to play to play responsibly. The result is extra money for good causes. The popularity of our games combined with the hard work of our retail partners and lottery employees enabled us to raise the most money ever for education she said.”
"We are eager to begin what we hope is a long-term, successful relationship with the Croatian Lottery,"  said  Michael Chambrello  CEO, North America Lottery, for IGT. "We will focus on maximizing their profitability, generating incremental funds which will help support good causes. We will also support the Lottery's growing business by introducing a more diverse product mix specific to the demands of the Croatian marketplace and their players. The Croatian Lottery has much potential for growth and the Company is excited to play a big role in their expanding business over the next two years and beyond  "The Croatian Lottery is excited to partner with one of the largest lottery technology providers in the world," said  Danijel Feri, Chairman of the Board, Hrvatska Lutrija. "We are confident that IGT will help our Lottery to see a continued increase in instant-ticket sales year-over-year. Their reputation for providing superior products and services, along with integrated marketing solutions for instant-ticket customers, makes us very enthusiastic to begin working with them as our sole provider of instant-ticket services."
INTRALOT Group CEO, Mr. Antonis Kerastaris, stated: “The first results of our cooperation with Bit8 are very positive and we are very pleased to announce today the acquisition of 35% of the company. This strategic cooperation is in line with our strategy to focus on the B2C gaming market, while we further expand our product portfolio, increase customer satisfaction and provide exceptional gaming experiences to players.”

Gavin Isaacs, Scientific Games' President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "With more than 20 years of leadership and accomplishments in international business and the legal profession, David's broad-based global legal and public company expertise and dynamic leadership in support of business objectives, aligns well with our growth strategy. David will be an excellent addition who will further strengthen and complement our talented management team."
Pat Dye, former Auburn head football coach and president of the Alabama Jobs Foundation said the results of the poll confirm what he has heard around the state for years. "They are ready to vote on this issue once and for all," Dye said in a statement. "The voters are clear about what they support: an education lottery and gaming that brings jobs, revenue and economic development to our state." The results of the poll also showed that 77 percent of Alabamians support the Del Marsh gaming/education lottery plan, over the plan offered by the Creek Indians. The Poarch Creeks in April offered to pay the state of Alabama $250 million to close the budget deficit, in exchange for exclusive gaming rights. "The voters of Alabama are speaking as loud and clear as they can on this issue," said Alabama State Senate Pro-Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston. "They demand the right to vote on this issue. They support my lottery and gaming constitutional amendment by large numbers. And just as important, they do not support raising taxes, period." The study predicts an education lottery would generate $332 million annually, while casino gambling – which allows Class III gaming like table games and slot machines – would generate an additional $74 million.
“We return 100% of our profits to the governments of Atlantic Canada and these profits continue to fund important public services across the region. We are proud of our contribution to the communities we serve,” said Brent Scrimshaw, President and CEO of Atlantic Lottery. “We will continue to work hard to provide sustainable and responsible profits by offering adult Atlantic Canadians the right games through the right channels.”
Aleksandar Vulovic, director of the lottery, said it was mere coincidence.   "Not a single mechanism that could be used to influence the result," b92 News reported him as saying.   "Instead of typing in the number 27, he entered 21. At that point, I guess after realising what he did, the man entered the number 27. In other words, the number of the ball that had been drawn. "Now it was a coincidence, I say, under some laws of probability, there was the possibility that the ball 21 would be drawn, and it was.   "If you ask me, there's nothing strange there as far as I'm concerned."  The draw was completely in accordance with the rules and the company abides by the law," the state lottery said in a statement.

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LOTTERY-EXPO 2015 Sept 9-11, 2015

 Co-Hosted by Public Gaming Research Institute and the Florida Lottery September 9, 10 and 11, 2015

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Panel Discussion and Presentation topics at PGRI Lottery Expo Miami:


Breakthrough Marketing/Promotional Ideas for Lottery’s Corporate Accounts

We know what we want from our retail partners: more focus on the mission to sell Lottery products!   How do we engage big corporate accounts to embrace that mission like we want them to?  Lottery’s brand equity, connection to countless millions of shoppers, and ability to drive store traffic are under-utilized assets that can deliver value to our retail partners and in turn engage them in our mission.  It is starting to happen in a big way.  Panelists will discuss successful initiatives to collaborate with corporate account retail partners on cross-sell-promotions and new product design.  Panelists will also build on these successes to explore fresh new ideas for how Lottery can develop a stronger, more productive, relationship with its corporate accounts.   


Building out the multi-state platform for Big-Box Corporate Account Retailers

Logistical back-office hurdles have stymied Lottery’s ability to develop the full potential of multi-state retail operations.  Now, substantial progress is being made to meet the needs of these multi-state retailers.  What has been accomplished; how can we lock-in the progress that has been made; what are the current issues that are being addressed; what are the most do-able, actionable things that Team Lottery should do to blow open the doors to successful expansion of Lottery in the multi-state big-box retail channel? 


Bricks & Clicks:  The merging of Interactive and Land-Based Retail

Retail and Lottery both recognize that “Interactive” is about is much more about creating the optimal consumer experience than it is about selling products online.  How are progressive lotteries leading the charge into an “Internet of Things” future that integrates digital technologies into the fabric of all we do?  How are Retailers doing the same thing, and how can we join together to forge the most productive and mutually beneficial pathways to integrate Interactive and Land-Based initiatives? 


Behavioral Economics Applied to Lottery

There is much talk about “convergence” in the industry.  The easy access to all forms of gaming is contributing to experimentation by the consumers.  As consumers migrate from one game category to another, the need to identify and focus on the attributes that make Lottery most appealing to the consumer is greater than ever.  How can Lottery clarify its messaging, its brand, its products and promotions to differentiate itself in this competitive market-place, and carve out its own unique connection to the consumer?


Betting on Interactive

Everyone is online, connecting with merchants, with information resources, and with each other.  Lotteries’ huge brand awareness is already driving huge website traffic.   How are successful lotteries leveraging this online connection to drive consumer engagement, drive sales, and disseminate information?  How are lotteries integrating interactive strategies into every aspect of the business to position themselves for successful long-term sustainable growth?


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