With the expansion of online gambling in Europe, many countries have been facing new societal, regulatory and technical challenges. Laws on gambling are the responsibility of individual countries, but online gambling doesn't respect borders. The challenges of cross-border online gambling cannot be tackled without efficient cooperation between countries. To make this cooperation a reality, the gambling regulatory authorities of EEA Member States today signed an agreement on online gambling services, the first of its kind in the world
Commenting on 9M15 results INTRALOT Group CEO, Mr. Antonios Kerastaris, noted: “We are pleased with the 3Q results that are in line with our expectations for stable growth of our business. EBITDA grew by 6% compared to 3Q14, despite the ailing performance of Italy due to extraordinarily high, country specific, payouts, which led the Italian business to contribute marginally to our EBITDA, the weak performance of Azerbaijan, the fall-off of the Romanian contract and the effect of the World Cup last year in both the second and third quarters. I would like to point out that the majority of our subsidiaries reported strong results coupled with our new contracts in Wyoming, Ohio and Georgia, in the US, thus leading to an increase of our EBITDA on a like for like basis by 15.8% in the nine months of 2015. During the third Quarter, we continued streamlining our global operations and unfold our selective expansion plans. We renewed our presence in New Mexico, US, for 8 years, where we have an excellent cooperation with the State Lottery since 2006 and signed a new 10 year contract in Nigeria, a very dynamic African market. Our focus on licensed operations remains strong, as we proceed with the integration of Bit8 CRM platform that will be a valuable asset on the B2C front of our business. Finally, it is important to note that we ratified our commitment to sustainable growth, as we have recently been awarded with the WLA Responsible Gaming certification as a gaming vendor.”
Two of the most feared and reviled, yet respected personalities in the world of Wall Street will go head-to-head this week in a legal battle of epic proportions. Since being elected in 2010, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has quickly developed a reputation as the fiercest, most aggressive financial regulator in the country, someone who jumps at any chance to use Wall Street banks as his personal piñata. David Boies is possibly the top white-collar super-lawyer in the country. David Boies has been retained by DraftKings to overcome claims that the fantasy sports operators are unregulated entities that publicly boast about processing billions of dollars’ worth of transactions, operate in a legal grey area which they have recklessly exploited, self-regulation within their industry being basically non-existent, and insider trading allegations having raised questions over the integrity of the games.
The government has laid before parliament a draft order to amend schedule 11 to the Gambling Act 2015 to make it easier for small-scale lotteries to be used to raise money for charities and other good causes. The proposals include allowing incidental lotteries to take place at both commercial and non-commercial events. Fundraising lotteries could then be offered by, for example, pubs, clubs, shops, concerts, festivals and trade fairs at their events.

The state Lottery is airing public-service announcements to discourage lottery purchases for kids, with the message: "Some gifts are better left to the grown-ups.”

Tom Delacenserie was appointed Secretary of the Florida Lottery in the November 2015. In the two years prior, he served as the Deputy Secretary of Sales and Marketing at the Florida Lottery. Mr. Delacenserie has been an integral part of the Florida Lottery’s success. His leadership of the Lottery’s sales team, management and expansion of the Lottery’s retailer network and distribution channels and overall involvement with every division of the agency has helped the Florida Lottery break numerous sales records and achieve unprecedented transfers of Lottery revenue to benefit education.

The Belgian Data Protection Authority found, in substance, that Facebook processes personal data for commercial purposes without complying with the legal basis of data subject consent.
The lottery companies and national sports federations Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland are continuing their successful cooperation. At the third annual meeting in Stuttgart in addition to the latest developments in the sports betting concession process was the fight against match-fixing in focus. For this purpose, a position paper was adopted. "We must be able to rely on that athletes and teams in a fair competition against each other.Manipulations take the joy of sport and threaten it in its social significance, "said Marion Caspers-Merk, managing director of the Staatliche Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden-Württemberg, at the meeting in Stuttgart Lotto headquarters.
Members of New York’s Responsible Play Partnership (RPP), comprised of the New York State Gaming Commission, New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substances Abuse Services (OASAS) and the New York Council on Problem Gambling today announced the launch of the second in a series of public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at educating the public about problem gambling and increasing awareness of related prevention and treatment options available to New Yorkers in need.
The government is planning to impose a fee on offshore gaming companies which take in $1 billion a year in bets on New Zealand racing and sports, and may allow the TAB to widen its product range to stem the flow of Kiwis betting online with offshore operators.
Odysseas Christoforou, general manager of Corporate Communication in OPAP, said the move was discriminatory against OPAP and noted that such a move would have serious negative consequences. "We have timely and in detail informed the government that such a move would be counter-efficient, it would not lead to the expected fiscal revenue and would severely hit our agent network as it would lead to a reduction of gaming in the country. Such a decline in activity will negatively affect state revenues," Christoforou said, adding that "beyond the financial consequences of imposing such a measure, legal issues were also raised, among them a discriminatory treatment against our company and our network of agents".
Lottery President and CEO Rose Hudson, in a news release Tuesday, says scratch-off sales continue to be a player favorite with $3 million more in sales than last year. She says the in-state Lotto game also has experienced a 44 percent sales spike thanks to a recent $3.2 million jackpot run, the largest in 17 years.

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