Peru on the brink of regulating online gambling and sports betting

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Proposed legislation aimed at regulating these activities is being reviewed and adjusted, before being submitting for debate by the whole National Congress. Manuel San Román Benavente, Head of Peru's Gambling Authority, explained that the regulator had finished discussing the taxation scheme of the future regulatory framework, one of the few issues that were pending. I n an interview published by local news website El Diario del Juego, the Head of the Peruvian Gambling Authority (Mincetur, in Spanish) said that "the tax rate on online gambling and sports betting has already been set at 12% of net gains. Operators will also be authorized to deduct a 2% rate by way of payment for system maintenance expenses before the 12% rate. Moreover, each wager will be subject to a 1% excise tax. That is the proposal that should be submitted to Congress," he explained.

The bill now has to undergo many stages, for example, it will be reviewed by the Consejo de Viceministros, an entity empowered to issue opinions on bills brought forward by the executive. 

Manuel San Román explained that if no remarks are passed by the Consejo de Viceministros, the Executive will be ready to submit the bill to Congress, which would discuss it and eventually, approve it.

"I believe taxation was the most difficult issue to solve, as we had to explain to the Ministry of Economy everything about gambling operations, how platforms work, who are the suppliers, and the systems that need to be implemented, etc.; so once the statutory law is passed, we will focus on the development of the specific rules for its implementation," he explained.

However, the Head of Mincetur warned that there is no guarantee that the bill will be discussed by the whole Congress, as it first needs to be approved by the International Trade and Economy Committees, respectively. There are already several companies operating online gambling and sports betting in Peru, such as Intralot, Apuestas Total, Betsan, Dorado Bet and Live Sport, who have established an association in order to be ready for the regulation of these verticals, Asociación Peruana de Apuestas Deportivas en Línea y Afines (Apadela in Spanish).