Oklahoma's Osage Casino opens to line of people, hits capacity within an hour and a half

Osage Casino opened its doors at 10 a.m. on Friday, and by 11:30 it hit capacity, according to casino officials.

The Osage Casino in Tulsa was one of six Osage Nation casinos opening Friday.   Officials said they’re only operating at 25% capacity, which is about 1250 people.  There was a continuous line throughout the day as people streamed into the casino.   Many people said they were fine with standing in line because this was something they’d been waiting for.  “It’s fantastic,” said Taylor. “I’m tired of being stuck inside all the time.”   The parking lot was full, which surprised some.  “I didn’t figure there would be this many people,” said Debby.

Casino officials said they’re doing a couple of things to help keep people away from each other.  Masks and gloves are available at the door. Though casino officials said they aren’t requiring them, but they’re encouraging people will wear them.   There are also hand sanitizer stations throughout the floor.   Electronic games are up and running, but the middle machines have been shut off so people won’t be sitting next to each other.  Officials said table games are closed and will stay closed for the time being.   Drinks are available, but the seated restaurants have not been opened yet.