UKGC Advises Operators Must Adhere To Safe Gambling Standards

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has advised the general public that operators must adhere to the safer gambling standards when consumers sign up and register with online gambling platforms.

Registered UK operators must ensure that all clients are a range of IDs, certifying whether a customer is old enough to play and that they have ever engaged in gambling services self-exclusion.

The UKGC stressed that operators are required to cross-referenced customer IDs with relevant databases to verify their identity and take due diligence on potential risks.

The Commission stated that there will be situations when customers are required to provide additional verification documents such as passports, driving licences and household utility bills to ensure that the operator processes their identity and pertinent information.

UK operators must check that before making deposits or accessing any free-to-play content customers are old enough to gamble.

An operator must also ensure a customer is notified of the company’s operated self-exclusion functions and procedures.

The UKGC reminded the public to protect at-risk customers that operators may carry out further checks to ensure that self-excluded players do not re-register under a different identity.

The UKGC also emphasised the duty of the operator ID in ensuring that funds are not linked to illegal activity.

Therefore, UK operators must be able to check different accounts owned by a single customer, where it is up to the company to determine if they allow the customer to have more than one account.

If an operator allows multiple accounts, further information may be requested from customers to help them monitor their separate account activities.

Operators may search for information to safeguard their offers and incentives, which are often limited to one usage per client. Licensees will also be allowed to freeze accounts while inspecting verifications of customer ID, in which no time limit is imposed.

Operators can not ask a customer to provide additional details as a ‘condition to process the transaction’ when withdrawing funds.

Nonetheless, if they are needed to fulfil a legal requirement, an operator may request that the customer provide details upon withdrawal.

The UKGC stated: “We tell the gambling companies that they must know their customers are old enough to gamble and confirm their identity.

“We do not say what sorts of information they should ask for. If you are not happy about the information you have been asked to give, you must contact the company directly.”