Louisiana Upgrading Its Flagship State Lottery Game

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Louisiana is upgrading its flagship state lottery game. The Louisiana Lottery said it will begin offering starting jackpots of 500-thousand dollars for the Louisiana Lotto with the August 5th drawing. The change doubles the starting jackpot and marks only the fourth time Lotto has changed in its 28-year history. To create the larger starting jackpots, players must select six numbers out of 42. That bumps the overall odds of winning to 1 in 34.4. The previous matrix required players to choose six numbers out of 40 with overall odds of 1 in 30. The match-5 and match-4 prizes will continue to be pari-mutuel. That means the actual prize won will be determined by dividing each prize pool by the total number of winners for that drawing. Because the matrix will change, the Lottery is temporarily suspending the multidraw option for lotto to prevent future draw purchases that surpass the new version’s sale date of August 2nd.