Poland: Totalizator Sportowy sums up 2020 - record-breaking subsidies for the development of Polish sport and culture

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For another year in a row, Totalizator Sportowy has donated the highest ever subsidies to number games and cash lotteries. In 2020, over PLN 1 billion was donated to sport and culture alone.

Polish sport and national culture received more money than in 2019. As the representatives of Totalizator Sportowy emphasize, thanks are due to LOTTO players, without whom there would be no increase in sales, and thus more funds going to the special purpose funds accounts.

In 2020, sales amounted to a total of PLN 15,380,989,795 (PLN 9,892,836,190 in 2019). If you add the record surcharges, which amounted to PLN 1,103,297,700 (PLN 1,101,023,321 in 2019), we are talking about revenues in the total amount of PLN 16,484,287,495 (PLN 10,993,859,511 in 2019). .

The company also transferred a record PLN 1,182,819,491 in gaming tax (in 2019 it was PLN 1,082,373,529), not only once again exceeding the historical level of PLN 1 billion, but also transferring PLN 100 million more than in the year last. In total, revenues to the state budget in 2020 due to subsidies and tax on games amounted to PLN 2,286,117,191.


2020 news

In January, a new game called Szyb 600 appeared at LOTTO points , which is also available at lotto.pl.

From the very beginning of a great popular were launched at the end of December, lotto.pl and card - a new segment LOTTO game. In the beginning, there were five cash lotteries (currently there are seven), which immediately won the sympathy of players. The first highest win, worth PLN 1,000,000, was won a few days after the start.

A new website, lotto.pl , was also launched , and players using the mobile application were able to log in using a face image and fingerprint.

Last year was also important for customers of the only legal online casino in Poland, i.e. Total Casino. A live casino was introduced (April 2020), more payment methods, a refreshed website and a mobile application, as well as dozens of games, including from new providers.

On both platforms, a number of new bonuses have also been prepared for players and people who want to register.

It is worth reminding about the facilitation of registration of players playing both on lotto.pl and on the Total Casino website. It is about the mojeID service , introduced by Totalizator Sportowy thanks to cooperation with the National Clearing House. The owner of the LOTTO brand was the first company on the entertainment market to use mojeID .

In 2020, the company also launched over 350 new slot machine arcades apart from casinos - at the end of the year their number exceeded 520 throughout Poland. Totalizator Sportowy has thus become the largest legal operator of slot machine games in Poland.

A very important achievement last year was the selection of a new lottery platform provider, the implementation of which is currently underway, and the first phase will end in December 2021. The effect of this change will be a technological leap that will prepare the company for the future challenges and the changing needs of players. However, Totalizator Sportowy's approach to the safety of the offered products will not change. This is confirmed by the Responsible Gaming certificate awarded in 2020, which for the first time covers not only the physical network of LOTTO points, but also the network of slot machine arcades and the e-commerce segment.

Let us also recall the launch of the ffVC Tech and Gaming fund. The fund was established on the initiative of Totalizator Sportowy and the managing partners of the American ffVC fund from New York with the support of PFR Ventures and the National Center for Research and Development. The goal is to invest up to PLN 100 million in startups from the gaming, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, drones, robotics, enterprise software, RegTech or FinTech industries.

Summing up the past year, one should also mention the Służewiec Horse Racing Track, which successfully opened and conducted the racing season. Importantly, horse racing started as the first sport discipline after the spring lockdown. In the 2020 season, 51 meetings were organized, and 459 races for thoroughbred English horses, Arabian horses, French trotters and half-bred horses. At the turn of August and September, Tor Służewiec also became the arena of struggles for the best Polish competitors in four equestrian competitions as part of Warsaw Jumping.

Totalizator Sportowy supports the fight against the pandemic

Totalizator Sportowy estimates that the total support provided for the fight against COVID-19 in 2020 amounted to over PLN 25 million. This amount includes mainly funds from the 10 percent transfer program from the sale of bets and lotto.pl tickets to fight the coronavirus and its consequences.

The collected money supports institutions and projects that are part of the mission related to improving the health of Poles. So far, 17 medical facilities or institutions have benefited from the funds. In addition, from the pool of PLN 5 million collected in this way, it went to the ministerial program Sports Holidays +, aimed at counteracting the negative effects of the pandemic in the field of mental and physical health of the youngest and supporting non-governmental organizations.

The amount of over PLN 25 million also includes a donation from March 2020 in the amount of PLN 4 million, provided through the LOTTO Foundation. Halina Konopacka to health care facilities. The funds were allocated to the purchase of specialist medical equipment and personal protection materials, which went to 8 hospitals: in Tychy, Lublin, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Warsaw, Jarosław, Sanok, Poznań and Oświęcim. From this amount, the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene was also supported.

Additionally, through the LOTTO Foundation Halina Konopacka, 91 cars from the company's fleet were handed over, which were used to transport medical staff, medicines and materials necessary to ensure the continuity of medical and care facilities, as well as evacuation of residents from nursing homes and other centers affected by coronavirus.

Regardless of the funds transferred above, the company joined the nationwide campaign # staywdomu, and initiated the proprietary program # MilionySposobówNaNudę, thanks to which, on a dedicated website, influencers and personalities from the world of sports encouraged responsible attitudes and creative spending of time at home.

Totalizator Sportowy also joined the organization of a temporary hospital for patients with COVID-19. The facility is being built in Radom.

65 years of playing together!

The year 2021 is an exceptional time in the history of Totalizator Sportowy - the company celebrates its 65th anniversary. In December 2020, the sports world was informed that   Robert Lewandowski, one of the best footballers in the world, became the Ambassador of the 65th Jubilee of Totalizator Sportowy . The motto of the celebrations is #WielkieChwile . The LOTTO brand also has its Ambassador. Last year it was Andrzej Bargiel. It is thanks to this cooperation that the #LOTTOBargielChallenge project was created .