JOB: Idaho Lottery Director of Lottery Security

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Director of Lottery Security

The Idaho Lottery seeks a motivated law enforcement professional to serve as the Director of Lottery
Security. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in a position focused on criminal, civil,
and business law, with predictable hours and a great office environment.
The Director of Lottery Security is established in Idaho Code 67-7410 to manage the Lottery Security
Division which is an Idaho law enforcement agency. The Director for Security ensures and maintains
statewide security, integrity, transparency, fairness, and honesty of Idaho Lottery operations and
Charitable Gaming through a wide range of legal and ethical oversight, enforcement, and authority.
This position is an agency Deputy Director reporting to the Lottery Director and is responsible for the
following duties:
Lottery & Game Security
 Develop and submit to the Lottery Director for approval the Security Plan implemented by the
Lottery for games, draws, promotions, claims, gaming system, and logical and physical
 Perform background investigations of employees, Lottery retailers, bingo and raffle licensees,
vendors and major procurement contractors, and recommend determinations of acceptance
and denial to the Lottery Director.
 Ensure compliance with Idaho Code, Administrative Rule, and internal policies and procedures
of the Lottery for retailers selling Idaho Lottery products. The Director of Security has the
authority, with the approval of the Lottery Director, to approve or terminate the contract of a
retailer to sell Lottery products.
 Continuously review Lottery security policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all
regulated and unregulated standards pertaining to the responsible operation of the Idaho
Lottery. Recommend amendments to current procedures and new procedures to the Lottery
Director for approval.
 Ensure the Lottery maintains all Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) security standards
governing operations of multi-state games in which the Idaho Lottery participates; this requires
in-depth knowledge and understanding of MUSL rules, applicability and compliance.
 Create and oversee procedures for all game draws conducted by the Idaho Lottery to include
second chance draws.
 Keep current and well-informed on trending fraudulent behavior within the Lottery industry and
taking necessary action to prevent it from occurring in Idaho.
 Create policies, procedures, and action plans to maintain the process of verifying and
validating winning tickets prior to paying any high-tier claim.
 Maintain on-site security for Lottery headquarters and Lottery warehouse including, but not
limited to, physical patrol, card access system, video monitoring, alarms and restricted access.
 Review and recommend statutes and administrative rules for changes or additions to the
Lottery Director that pertain to Lottery security. This includes testifying and presenting to
legislative members and committees.

 Oversee security related issues relating to vendor ticket printing and production, including
review of printing facility security for Idaho Lottery games as well as the substance and content
of printers’ testing laboratories.
 Coordinate testing of instant tickets before they are distributed to retailers to ensure games
meet specifications outlined in Game Working Papers for guaranteed low end prizes (GLEPs)
at pack level when inventory is delivered.
 Review major procurement contracts and contractors for security related purposes and
perform background investigations per Idaho Code.
 Ensure accountability and tracking of all promotional items including Lottery tickets, coupons,
merchandise and any other item designated as a prize for promotions, Lottery events, etc.
 With the knowledge and approval of the Lottery Director, the Director of Lottery Security is
designated as the person within the Lottery authorized to request an instant game ticket
reconstruct from the ticket printer to determine location or viability of late claimed high tier
 Represent the Idaho Lottery and participate in national lottery advisory security groups.
 Conduct or participate in any type of internal investigation.
 Enforce all criminal and civil codes related to lottery gaming. With the approval of the Lottery
Director, the Director of Lottery Security has the authority to take necessary investigative,
criminal, civil or administrative action to ensure compliance.
 Oversee, train and direct Lottery investigative staff.
 Respond to or assist other law enforcement agencies with illegal gambling investigations and
 Work with local law enforcement agencies in conducting investigations and prosecutions of
fraud or theft.
 Issue administrative subpoenas during the conduct of investigations.
 Require fingerprint-based criminal history check of the Idaho Public Safety and Security
Information System, known as ILETS, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal
history database on prospective employees, vendors, contractors, lottery retailers and bingo
and raffle licensees.
 Access criminal offender record information from the Idaho State Police for the purpose of
background or other investigations.
Charitable Gaming
 Oversee the regulation and licensing of charitable gaming in the state of Idaho.
 Perform background checks on charitable gaming entities and officers with the authority to
recommend issuance or denial of charitable gaming licenses.
 Oversee audits of organizations to ensure compliance with Charitable Gaming Statutes,
Administrative Rules, and Idaho Lottery policies and procedures.
 Respond to regulatory complaints and perform investigations into alleged wrongdoing.
 With the approval of the Lottery Director, suspend or revoke licenses of operators who are not
compliant with the law or Lottery procedures.
 Arrange for Hearing Officers to conduct hearings in accordance with Idaho Code regarding the
revocation of an operator’s license.
 Continuously update and recommend statute and administrative rule changes or additions to
the Lottery Director.

 Oversee the Lottery warehouse including receiving, storing, processing, and shipping all
Lottery instant tickets, promotional items, and other Lottery materials.
 Oversee regulated ticket shipment and delivery, with delivery of instant ticket inventory coming
via sealed and secured freight.
 Manage and monitor major statewide shipping contracts.
IT Information Security
 Review and audit all information technology systems to ensure the security and integrity of the
 Ensure gaming vendor compliance for all security requirements required to maintain security
and integrity of all Lottery games, second chance draws, and all interaction required from the
public to the gaming systems.
 System oversight regarding development access to all files and components of the gaming
 Must have excellent knowledge of Multistate Lottery Association (MUSL) rules for security of
multistate games.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Minimum (The required skills and qualifications needed to perform the job)
 Must be, or be able to become within one year from hire, an Idaho Certified Peace
 POST Certificate must be Advanced level or higher.
 Must have experience in, but not limited to, white collar crime, fraud, and criminal and
civil investigations.
 Must have extensive management experience, preferably at the executive level.
 Ability to engage in defensive tactics, defensive driving, arrest techniques, and use of
 Must pass Idaho State Police (ISP) basic Law Enforcement Background investigation
and subsequent Polygraph exam covering information given in personal history
statement and qualification statements.
 Must successfully pass criminal, credit, and public records background checks.
 Must successfully pass pre-employment and random ongoing drug testing.
 Must have a valid drivers’ license.
 Lottery experience with in-depth knowledge of the Lottery industry.
 Prior management level law enforcement experience
 Have a high level knowledge of computer and network systems and an understanding
of criminal and civil code and rule.

This is a full time position (40 hours per week) and is located at the Idaho Lottery Headquarters in
Boise, Idaho. Pay for this position is $42 - $46 per hour or $87,360 - $96,500 per year depending on
knowledge and experience and will receive full, State of Idaho employee benefits.
The Idaho Lottery is a self-governing State agency and offers an excellent benefit