Germany Announces Legalization of Online Gambling and Poker

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After a long discussion in the country, the German government finally announced the legalization of online gambling. Until now, online gambling has been illegal, with the exception of just over 20 operators authorized to offer games. But there were very few legal gambling sites and obtaining a license became a very complicated process.

With the new regulations that will take effect from july 1, online casinos and poker will be officially legalized in the states. This legislation was passed after a meeting in Berlin.

The changes set out in the legislation will be progressively implemented as the German regulator Glücksspiel Neuregulierung Staatsvertrag / GlüändStv / explains and incorporates casinos and online poker among the different forms of legal gambling.

For now, sports betting will only be allowed on companies authorized by a gaming license issued by the Darmstadt Regional Council. Some 30 companies have already applied for a license and it is estimated that a similar number in the future will also seek to obtain the operating permit.

Changes approved for the game

It was learned that with the new regulations, sports betting will undergo some changes as well. Fundamentally, the live bets will be limited to one degree, particularly in the way bet on the final results and the following scorers.

Almost all casino games will be allowed, this includes the popular slot games. Due to their popularity, precisely, slot machines will have quite strict guidelines that casino operators must fully comply with.

For example, maximum bets per spin will be limited to € 1 and the mandatory deposit limit will be € 1000. Likewise, slot machines must be announced and offered separately from other table games. It is not yet clear if they will have a set game schedule from 6AM to 9PM.

Among the most important advantages of the legislation is the security it offers to the consumer. Online gaming remains a gray area in many countries, including Germany. The German state will intervene officially to regulate the game and ensure that players test the various legal casinos with the highest degree of security.

Players are often guided by the casino bonuses and prizes offered to decide where and how to play online, neglecting security, that is to say the reliability of the casino. Another problem associated with reliability is gaming software, as well as payment processing and other aspects. With the regulations established by the government the official security standard is much higher, which ensures higher quality and reliability for the players.

The reactions

These changes, however, have not been well received by many members of the country’s gaming community. Despite the good intentions to protect the consumer implicit in the regulations.

The president of the German Sports Association (DSWV), Mathias Dahms, said that although he applauds and considers positive the step that has been taken when opening the gambling market in the country, the regulations and changes introduced can lead to “undesirable structural developments” and pose challenges for new regulations.

The fundamental concern for many regulatory experts is that they can lead players to seek more flexible gaming options at international gaming sites. The consequences would translate into a higher risk for the players, since they will seek to play on websites of dubious quality and surely legality. However, the effects of these well-intentioned changes will be seen over time.