Hoosier State Becomes 10th State to Legalize Sports Gambling

On Wednesday, Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill paving the way for unprecedented changes to the state’s current gambling landscape. The bill passed the state Senate and would have gone into effect anyway, but Holcomb signed to put his stamp of approval on the changes.

So, what does this really mean?

There are two main components to the bill that are most influential to sports fans.

  1. Sports gambling will be in effect soon, before the end of the year.
  2. Sports gambling will also be available on mobile devices.

This second point is crucially important, as early versions of the bill limited gambling to casinos. The state House did not vote in favor of mobile gambling and took it out of the proposals. However, despite the House of Cards-style drama of politics, the state Senate eventually was able to reinsert the mobile gambling component.

Mobile gambling is a big win for both gamblers and the state. Firstly, mobile gambling is obviously more convenient for Indiana gamblers, who will not have to travel to a casino to place a bet. Likewise, the mobile gambling provision is also going to substantially benefit the state. In New Jersey, approximately 80% of all sports gambling is done online.

Thus, if this provision was not included in the bill, Indiana would have lost out on a major potential revenue stream. In total, the AP projects that sports gambling could bring in around $12 million per year for the state.