Uruguayan Lottery Commemorates 200 Years of the 1st Draw with the Participation of the Board of Directors of CIBELAE

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Uruguayan Lottery Commemorates 200 Years of the 1st Draw with the Participation of the Board of Directors of CIBELAE

May 29, 2019

Uruguay.- May 28, 2019 www.cibelae.net On Monday, May 27, 2019, the announcement was made at the Press Conference on the occasion of the commemoration, on July 9, of celebrating 200 Years, the first lottery draw. .

It was attended by the National Director of Lotteries and Quinielas Luis Gama, the Minister of Economy and Finance; Cr. Danilo Astori, the Minister of Education and Culture; Dr. María Julia Muñoz and the Sub Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance; Ec. Pablo Ferreri.

This event announced; so important in the history of the country will be developed on Monday July 15, 2019 in the emblematic Teatro Solis and will coincide with the meeting of the Board of Directors of Cibelae, whose current president is the current National Director of Lotteries and Quinielas of Uruguay Mr. Luis Gama Hernandez

History of the First Draw

It still separated Uruguay a few years from the great date when it would reach its independence, since the period of Portuguese domination was over, when in 1818, at the initiative of the Head of the invading forces, General Carlos Federico Lecor, Baron de The Laguna, with the purpose of solving the problem that created the support of the Founding Children and in order to help the Hospital of Charity, resolved that lotteries were made in the country. The first draw was made on July 9, 1819, in the Plaza Mayor in front of the Puertas del Cabildo.

In those raffles that were held at the dawn of the Uruguayan Lottery, the amount of 750 patacones was distributed in prizes, with a Prize of 200 patacones and a total of 48 winning lots. History of the Uruguayan Lottery

The price of the cedulas, which were thus dominated at the time by the documents that allowed participation in the draws, was of a "real" participation or fraction in which the whole was divided that constituted the 8 thousands that were issued, and It was marketed on public roads by street vendors, who responded to Loteros' name, which continues to this day.

The date of the draws was fixed once the entire issue sent to circulation was exhausted, and they were performed in public at the door of the Hospital de Caridad. They gave faith to them a Judge and a Notary.

In March 1846 the first Lottery was played in favor of the Society of Charity, created in 1844.

The birth of the National Directorate of Lotteries and Quinielas, dates from July 12, 1856, 37 years after the first draw, date in which promulgated the legal precept that had to adjust its operation the current National Lotteries and Quinielas.

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