Sweden Svenska Spel - Annual General Meeting

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Lennart Käll's last annual general meeting as CEO of Svenska Spel was characterized by calm and confidence. In his speech, he welcomed his competitors to the new Swedish licensing market. At the same time, he emphasized the opportunities for Svenska Spel, which in 2017 reached record levels in customer satisfaction.

The result for 2017 was just over SEK 4.7 billion, which goes to the treasury. The result is marginally lower than 2016, mainly due to increased operating expenses by 2.4 percent. In his AGM, Lennart Käll touched the reasons:

- In part, we have one-time costs for adapting Svenska Spel to the licensing market and to address the new data protection regulation GDPR. But it also costs more to keep its market positions. The gaming industry's marketing increased by 44 percent in 2017 and now amounts to 5.5 billion. Svenska Spel accounts for less than a tenth of this - so I find it impressive that we can hold a market share of 40 percent.

In addition, Lennart Käll emphasized how conscious efforts on increased supply and smoother gaming experiences led to new record levels for customer satisfaction. Svenska Spels NKI (satisfied customer index) amounted to 70 percent during the year - all time high.

"We have tripled the number of sports items, made Viking lottery tickets, made possible via BankID, released the Oddset Challenge game and million rain on Lotto, opened for payment via Swish ... time is not enough for me to tell us everything we've done.

And by 2019, Lennart Käll sees new opportunities:

- It may include games on e-sports, online casino, equestrian sports, fantasy leagues ...

At the same time, Käll was clear that responsibility continues to go ahead of Svenska Spel's profit and proudly told that about 20,000 customers currently closed off games for three months or longer, something that the company welcomes.

"We always strive for our revenue to be healthy! said Lennart Käll and greeted his successor - "who it is now" - welcome to "one of Sweden's best and most complex jobs!"

All members of Svenska Spel's Board were re-elected at the meeting. The owner's assessment is that the board has a versatility and breadth in terms of competence, experience and background.

Erik Strand still gained confidence as Chairman of the Board while Lars Nilsson, senior economist, with management background from Tele2 and Axfood, was elected as a new member.

Did you miss Svenska Spel's Annual General Meeting in Visby this week? Calm, now the film has the best of the meeting in place:


Wednesday, April 25, Svenska Spel's Annual General Meeting was held in Visby. At the Annual General Meeting, Erik Strand, Eivor Andersson, Eva-Britt Gustafsson, Hélène Westholm, Johan Strid and Fredrik Åhlberg were re-elected, as well as Lars Nilsson's new election.

Composition of the board:

Erik Strand, Chairman 
Eivor Andersson, Member 
Eva-Britt Gustafsson, Member 
Lars Nilsson, Member 
Hélène Westholm, Member 
Johan Strid, Member 
Fredrik Åhlberg, Member