Published: March 3, 2022

Camelot achieves EL and WLA Responsible Gaming Certification for Fifth Time


03 March 2022

Camelot, the operator of the UK National Lottery, has today announced that it has achieved the European Lotteries (EL) Responsible Gaming Certification, as well as Level 4 of the World Lottery Association’s (WLA) Responsible Gaming Certification, for a fifth time. In total, Camelot has now held the prestigious accreditations – each of which last for three years – for 12 years, having been one of the first ever operators to be accredited.

The responsible gaming certifications from leading industry bodies, EL and WLA, help ensure that members of these organisations – such as Camelot and other lottery operators worldwide – operate their licensed lotteries with the highest standards of player protection and safety.

Demonstrating Camelot’s long-standing commitment to player protection, the latest accreditations form just one strand of its healthy play strategy, with a programme of work that continues to strive to make The National Lottery the safest place to play – with a guiding principle of lots of people playing a little, not a few playing a lot.

And with the most recent EL Responsible Gaming Framework having also been updated, the assessments provided an opportunity for Camelot to showcase its ongoing focus on always improving its strong player protection measures, with the company making several significant improvements to its healthy play strategy since its last accreditation in 2019.

This includes increased focus on a de-centralised approach to healthy play, whereby every employee at Camelot is committed to delivering its ambitions to promote healthy play. This is achieved through initiatives such as annual healthy play training for all employees, and tailored training for different business areas – such as ‘Game Awareness in Player Protection’ training, from leading provider Sophro, for new employees who work on creating National Lottery games.

In addition, since Camelot’s last accreditation, it has carried out an external independent review of its game design process and enhanced it further with new assessment capabilities which measure and evaluate the risk potential of games. This means that Camelot now uses three tools to assess the level of risk associated with National Lottery games.

Camelot also implemented a range of new online tools, including a new lower deposit and play limit for at-risk players. It works by using a behavioural analytics model which identifies potentially at-risk players and, to better support them, reduces their daily play limit and weekly wallet load limits.

In retail, Camelot carried out a major programme of work to raise the minimum age to play National Lottery games from 16 to 18, following a wide-ranging review of gambling laws by the UK government to ensure they are fit for the digital age. Camelot succeeded in making the change on 22 April 2021 – more than five months ahead of the change in legislation – all while ensuring that it maintained the very high standards demanded of The National Lottery.

Elsewhere in retail, a new online healthy play online training module was launched in 2020 for National Lottery retailers to inform and test their knowledge about being a responsible retailer via the National Lottery Retailer Hub website. The Retailer Hub also now features an ‘Interactions’ section, which enables retail partners to record healthy play and underage sales interactions.

Combined, all these initiatives and more have helped both Camelot employees, as well as its 44,000 National Lottery retail partners, play a vital part in delivering Camelot’s healthy play strategy effectively.

Camelot’s CEO, Nigel Railton, said: “We’re incredibly pleased to have achieved the European Lotteries and World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Certifications for a fifth consecutive time. At the end of this cycle, it will be a decade-and-a-half that we’ve held these highly respected certifications. We take a lot of pride in that, as well as the fact that we’ve been accredited from day one of the inception of the certifications. We firmly believe that this sets us apart and evidences our leadership role in this space.

“But we also know that our work in this area is never finished, despite everything we’ve achieved. We plan to continue working hard on our healthy play credentials and driving up our own high standards, keeping National Lottery players at the heart of everything we do.”

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About Camelot/The National Lottery:

● Camelot UK Lotteries Limited is the licensed operator of The National Lottery® and is committed to raising money for National Lottery Good Causes designated by Parliament. Camelot is not responsible for distributing or awarding these funds.

● The National Lottery generates over £30 million each week for National Lottery-funded projects. In total, over £45 billion has now been raised and more than 660,000 individual grants have been made across the UK – the equivalent of around 235 lottery grants in every UK postcode district.

● The National Lottery has so far awarded over £83 billion in prizes and created more than 6,300 millionaires or multi-millionaires since its launch in 1994.

● The UK National Lottery is ranked just 60th in the world in terms of per capita spend, despite being the fifth largest lottery in the world by sales – underlining the ongoing effectiveness of Camelot’s strategy to encourage lots of people to play but to only spend relatively small amounts (Source: La Fleur’s 2021 World Lottery Almanac).

● Camelot is committed to the highest standards in player protection and social responsibility in both the retail and interactive environments. The National Lottery website has been accredited by GamCare, the UK’s national centre for information, advice and practical help regarding the social impact of gambling – while Camelot’s approach to game design, test purchasing and retailer vigilance campaigns ensures player protection in retail.

● For further information on Camelot, The National Lottery and its games, please visit: and

● Players of all National Lottery games must be aged 18 or over.,Certification%2C%20for%20a%20fifth%20time.

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