Published: December 12, 2021

IGT Ahead of the Game - Advancing Responsibility

Advancing Responsibility

IGT maintains a long-standing commitment to player protection and strives to earn and maintain the trust of its stakeholders through programs and solutions designed to promote fair play and comply with requirements and regulations on data protection in all jurisdictions. In consideration of responsible gaming, IGT maintains close relationships with customers, gaming regulators, research institutes, and advocacy groups that promote tools to prevent problem gambling and underage gambling.

Operating with Integrity

The trust that players and customers place in IGT’s products and services relies upon gaming management operations that are fully compliant with existing laws and carried out to ensure the protection of all stakeholders’ rights. By means of appropriate corporate procedures and a process of continuous improvement, IGT ensures fairness of operations and maintains its position as the global gaming leader.

Protecting People, Products and Processes

With operations in more than 100 countries, IGT is continually working to become a better supplier, employer and corporate citizen. The Company accomplishes this by adapting policies to fit local regulations and applying industry standards to maintain a secure working environment.

Data Protection

IGT regularly monitors and upgrades its internal policies and processes to fully comply with requirements in all jurisdictions. IGT pursues the goal of earning and maintaining the trust of its stakeholders worldwide via programs and solutions designed to guarantee fair play and sensible data protection.


IGT relies on the integrity and security of products and solutions and is committed to preventing external attempts to breach and compromise systems, insider threats and mishandling of security policies.


Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering

IGT has implemented processes and controls to continuously deter money laundering, monitor player activity, and identify and report suspicious activity.

Protection Against Match Fixing

IGT is committed to working with industry associations to contribute its perspective on maintaining integrity in sports betting and to receive information from the organizations regarding suspicious activities.

Product Safety and Quality

IGT also works toward obtaining the necessary oversight to protect players, ensuring that products such as gaming cabinets or lottery tickets are manufactured according to the highest safety standards.


Promoting Responsible Gaming

Whether voluntary or driven by regulation, responsible gaming (RG) is a vital aspect of IGT’s business. The idea that responsibility and growth are not mutually exclusive is fully embraced within the Company and we believe that it is incumbent upon all stakeholders in the gaming industry to take a proactive approach to problem and underage gambling.


IGT focuses on being a forward-thinking company that weaves RG into the fabric of all its products, programs, and policies. This is demonstrated by IGT’s adherence to globally recognized programs, such as those of the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4), which are aimed at protecting players and minimizing problem gaming risks and other potential harms.


IGT works with a wide variety of stakeholders to promote and support RG, including problem gambling researchers, advocacy groups dedicated to promoting awareness of RG, and policymakers.

IGT works closely with customers to understand and accommodate their needs related to receiving turnkey solutions and embedding RG features into their offerings. Throughout the world, IGT works with a wide variety of external stakeholders, including advocacy groups, audit firms and certification bodies dedicated to promoting awareness of RG.


IGT has created several employee-focused training courses to consistently uphold a balanced and responsible approach to gambling to ensure long-term value creation. Courses are designed to educate employees worldwide at all levels and responsibilities about IGT’s commitment to RG and highlight the consumer protections built into IGT’s various gaming platforms.


IGT has a long-established Advertising and Marketing Code of Principles that ensures all promotional activity follows solid standards of responsible marketing. For education and awareness about responsible gaming, IGT has joined forces with some of the most reputable organizations dedicated to RG.


IGT is committed to maintaining its position as a leader in the gaming and technology business by providing advanced RG features embedded in all product verticals offered to customers and players worldwide.

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