Published: November 18, 2021

New Horizons Pre-Conference Event - Responsible Marketing: Establishing ‘Guardrails’ for Safer Play

December 1, 2021 9AM – 10AM PST

Responsible Marketing: Establishing ‘Guardrails’ for Safer Play

Guardrails are put in place to keep people within safe boundaries and prevent harm from something. Similarly, can player health ‘guardrails’ help evolve how we market gambling products and environments?

For more than twenty years, responsible gambling efforts have taken an information-based approach to promoting healthy play. However, excellence in prevention communications, while essential, will never be enough to effectively mitigate the risks associated with certain gambling products and environments. We must also look at how products, environments and marketing are designed and delivered in order to apply appropriate safety ‘guardrails’. 


This thought-provoking session will focus on responsible marketing as one strategic means to mitigating risks while promoting healthy play.  You will hear from front-running operators from Canada and the Netherlands, who are using data and embedded player information to develop marketing guardrails for safer products and gambling experiences. 



Jamie Wiebe, Director of Player Health, BCLC



Dr. Richard Wood, President, GamRes

Floris van Driel, Responsible Gambling Specialist, Nederlandse Loterji

Sam MacMillan, Director of Marketing, BCLC


More details to come about the second pre-conference event which will take place in the new year. New Horizons 2022 takes place March 9-10, 2022.


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