Published: May 26, 2024

Svenska Spel comments on Aftonbladet's feature

Aftonbladet's editorial team 200 seconds has today, May 21, 2024, published a feature on gambling problems and gambling addiction in which Svenska Spel is mentioned. We welcome scrutiny of the gaming industry but want to clarify the facts.

Today it is not possible to play at Svenska Spel in the way described in the feature. Aftonbladet's reporting is based on events from, among other things, 2019 and 2022, and we have since strengthened our gambling responsibility work with a large number of measures, for example income review of financial ability and we act on loss amounts based on age.

Problem gambling is a huge tragedy for every person affected and also their relatives. Therefore, we work to ensure that our customers play within reasonable limits and do not develop problems with their playing. And we contact all customers who exhibit any form of risky gambling. When it comes to light that one of our customers has gambling problems, we suspend the customer from playing with us and try to help the customer get the right support.

Aftonbladet also mentions that the people in the feature played with several betting companies. This is a big challenge that makes it difficult for us as an individual gaming company to see the customer's entire gaming experience. We can only see how the customer plays with us. And we do everything we can for those we become aware of who have risky gambling behavior.

When it comes to how the risk of gambling problems is to be assessed, we start from an overall assessment of the customer's behavior which is based on evidence-based research, our own effect measurements as well as current legislation. Losses are only one of the criteria. There are several other parameters that indicate risky gambling in our systems and that we act on.

We have a great responsibility to act exemplary in all parts of the business, and just like all companies with a Swedish license live up to the duty of care and take a great gambling responsibility. That's why we work every day, all year round, to develop and improve our measures to prevent gambling problems.

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