Published: October 9, 2022

Panel Discussion: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


"Digital Lottery" (Players Clubs, Loyalty Programs, Second-Chance programs, digital apps and digital strategies) provides the tools that engage the players in the ongoing interactive relationship that moves us from mass-market-segmentation to micro-targeting to forging the one-to-one relationship that is the future of consumer-facing businesses.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the framework that focuses those efforts onto the consumer – not just integrating but harmonizing the variety of "Digital Lottery" initiatives and tools into a holistic/synergistic strategy.  The next generation discussion revolves less around “channels, media, and platforms” and more around the customer, as CRM moves us from the product-driven world of the past to the customer-driven world of the future.


Gretchen Corbin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Lottery Corporation


Marcus Glasper, Executive Director, Washington Lottery

Merv Huber
, Sr. Director, Digital Growth, Scientific Games

Stefano Monterosso
, Sr. Vice President Global Lottery Product and Sales, IGT

Drew Svitko
, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Lottery

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