Belgium’s National Lottery has seen a drop in sales of 30 per cent since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, reports The Brussels Times.

The loss of sales is attributed to the fact that people go out less and so play less in an atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty. Newspaper shops remain open, but sales are down nonetheless. The Lottery has decided to make some changes for the duration of the crisis.

Winning tickets will now be valid for a period of 30 weeks instead of 20 weeks at present, to take account, among other factors, of the possibility that a winner is unable to go outside or is even hospitalised.

Winners of sums of €100,000 have until now been obliged to present with their winning ticket at the headquarters of the National Lottery in Rue Belliard in the European quarter of Brussels. For the time being, winners will be contacted by the Lottery, who will send someone to pick up the ticket for verification.

Finally, to allow players to stay inside as much as possible, it is now possible to play for the next 10 draws all at once.