Published: March 27, 2024

Yggdrasil Fined SEK300,000 by Swedish Regulator for Software Licensing Breach

Yggdrasil Gaming faces a significant fine for breaching Sweden's strict gaming laws, spotlighting regulatory compliance's critical role in the iGaming industry.

Yggdrasil Gaming, a renowned name in the gaming software industry, faces a SEK300,000 fine from Sweden's Spelinspektionen for providing software to an unlicensed operator within Sweden. This enforcement underscores the strict regulatory landscape in Sweden and signals a warning to all license holders.

In-depth Investigation Leads to Sanctions

License and Breach: Yggdrasil was granted a software license by Spelinspektionen on 22 March 2023, enabling the company to develop, supply, and install online gaming software in Sweden until 20 June 2028. However, an investigation initiated on 16 January 2024 revealed Yggdrasil's software was being utilized by an unlicensed entity, contravening Sweden’s stringent Gambling Act.

Regulatory Response: Upon discovering the infraction, Yggdrasil acted swiftly, resolving the issue by 23 January 2024. The company admitted the breach resulted from a contractual oversight with a retailer and assured it had ceased all dealings with unlicensed parties. Spelinspektionen recognized Yggdrasil’s corrective actions but emphasized that such compliance was a fundamental expectation for all licensees.

Analyzing the Gravity of the Violation

Spelinspektionen deliberated on the nature of the offense, recognizing Yggdrasil's prompt remedial steps yet underlining the violation's severity. The breach's seriousness was deemed too significant to overlook, leading to the decision to impose a warning alongside the monetary penalty.

The Framework of the Penalty

Calculation of the Fine: The regulatory framework allows for a penalty ranging from a minimum of SEK5,000 to a maximum equivalent to 10% of the licensee's previous financial year's turnover. Given Yggdrasil's 2023 net sales of approximately SEK5.8 million, the fine was set significantly below the maximum possible, at SEK300,000.

Broader Regulatory Actions

This incident with Yggdrasil is part of a broader pattern of regulatory enforcement by Spelinspektionen aimed at maintaining the integrity of Sweden's gaming and betting landscape. Other significant fines and warnings have been issued recently, including a SEK2 million fine to Casino Cosmopol for AML deficiencies and a cautionary notice to Svenska Spel. Additionally, operators Moonrail Limited and Perfect Storm faced bans for targeting Swedish consumers without the requisite licensing, highlighting Spelinspektionen's commitment to a compliant and secure gaming environment.

Yggdrasil's recent fine and warning are a critical reminder of the importance of adherence to regulatory requirements. As Spelinspektionen continues to uphold high standards within the gaming sector, companies operating within or entering the Swedish market are reminded of the paramount importance of regulatory compliance. This event impacts Yggdrasil and signals the potential consequences of oversight or non-compliance to the broader industry.

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