Published: March 26, 2024

Gaming Commission suggests pushing New York casino licenses to 2025

New Yorkers, you may want to hold your bets.

A new proposed timeline released by a state commission Monday is potentially pushing back the process to bring more gambling into New York.

"All of which would find a convergence of the zoning approvals, CAC considerations and environmental review completion by late summer 2025, allowing for a Gaming Facility Location Board decision in late 2025 resulting in a commission license consideration before the end of 2025,” Robert Williams, executive director for the Gaming Commission, said.

Under the proposed timeline, licenses for new full-fledged casinos in the downstate region would possibly not be issued until the end of 2025.

The new timeline was revealed at a state commission meeting on Monday.

"Am I happy about it? No I am not,” said Commission Chairman Brian O’Dwyer. "I wish we could streamline it a little bit. But we have to, as they say, play the cards we were dealt with.”

Many casino applicants expected applications to be due sometime this summer — and even that was later than initially thought.

The change will have to be approved by the Gaming Facility Location Board — an offshoot of the commission, which will make the final decision on these licenses.

The board said the delay was necessary to make sure all the applications could get through required environmental reviews. But officials also said, four applicants need an additional land use review process, and officials want to accommodate the lengthy process for that.


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