Published: February 16, 2023

Lawmaker proposes Nevada lottery to help fund youth mental health programs

 - A lawmaker in Nevada has proposed a state lottery that would help fund mental health programs for youth in the state.

Assemblyman CH Miller on proposed an amendment to the Nevada Constitution that would pave the way for the Silver State to establish a lottery.

According to Miller, the amendment would repeal the portion of the current Nevada Constitution that prohibits a lottery.

Miller says revenue raised through the state lottery would go towards programs that benefit youth mental health in Nevada.

As noted by Miller, due to the current lottery ban, Nevadans have to cross state lines into California or Arizona to purchase lottery tickets, “sending millions of dollars in revenue out of state that could have benefited” Nevada residents.

“The last few years have shown us how critical mental health care is and that our current infrastructure is woefully inadequate,” said Assemblyman Miller. “This constitutional amendment authorizing a lottery and dedicating the revenue to funding for youth mental health is a common sense solution that will help the many Nevada youth who are battling mental health challenges, just like I did as a child. Right now, we are sending millions of dollars across the border to neighboring states. It is time to fully invest in Nevadans and pass this constitutional amendment.”


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