Published: July 29, 2022

Josée Turcotte joins the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as chief legal officer

Turcotte's mandate includes supporting the commission in its ongoing modernization initiatives

Josée Turcotte has joined the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as the newest member of its executive management team. Joining as chief legal officer on July 18, Turcotte brings extensive public sector experience to the role. Most recently, Turcotte served on the executive and risk committees of HSBC Canada, and as senior vice president of the bank and its subsidiaries. She previously also worked at the Ontario Securities Commission and at the Competition Tribunal.

In her new role, Turcotte takes responsibility for leading and overseeing the legal services division of the AGCO, which includes handling litigation matters, procurement and privacy, and keeping track of future legislative amendments.

As part of the executive management team, Turcotte will be called upon to provide strategic leadership across the commission to guide and manage its modernization initiatives. She also oversees key external relationships with key stakeholders including the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp., LCBO, FINTRAC, the Ministry of the Attorney General, and Ministry of Finance.

Operating for more than 20 years, the AGCO regulates the alcohol, gaming, horse racing and cannabis retail sectors in Ontario.

“One of the things I find fascinating about the AGCO is that its mandate is really growing in its focus on becoming a true modern regulator that operates with honesty and integrity,” says Turcotte. “It’s a progressive and modern regulator that uses a risk-based and outcome-based approach.”

Having spent 11 years at the Ontario Securities Commission, Turcotte is adept at protecting mandates, and making enforcements and orders in the public interest. She also brings expertise in governance and transformation to the role.

“Whether it’s technology, people or processes, I want to bring these skills to bear and really see what we can do to support the modern vision for the AGCO, while also making sure that our team are well positioned for the future and are enjoying their work and are collaborative, productive and happy,” says Turcotte. She currently manages a diverse team of 35 legal professionals with different areas of expertise, so she looks forward to helping them thrive and further develop their careers.

Turcotte’s top priority in her new role is supporting the AGCO in its ongoing modernization initiatives which include a digital journey, and supporting the integration of the newer sectors such as gaming and cannabis. These initiatives will require more regulatory work and legislative interpretation so Turcotte is preparing to navigate these matters and to ensure compliance with all laws, regulations and standards.

She is also examining ways to use technology to deliver legal services in a more efficient manor.

“I’m looking at what we need to do as a team to be more modern in terms of tools, in terms of approaches, and in enhancing our workflow, agility and open collaboration between colleagues,” says Turcotte.

As a member of the executive management team, Turcotte is called upon to contribute to all prioritization initiatives, so she is able to direct legal department resources accordingly.

“It is extremely helpful to have a seat at the table in the C suite,” she says. “I want to make sure we are there in the early stages of the discussion, so we can help shape the work and avoid potential issues at the outset.”

As she settles into her new role, Turcotte looks forward to learning about all the new sectors of the economy, and to contributing to the AGCO’s priorities and modernization efforts, including corporate priorities and the digital journey.

“It’s an exciting time for me to join such an amazing organization with so much potential ahead,” she says.

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