Published: March 30, 2021

SPAIN: MONDRAGON Corporation and ONCE Social Group join forces to promote training, employment and technology

MONDRAGON Corporation and ONCE Social Group join forces to promote training, employment and technology

These areas will work together with people with disabilities in mind. Both organizations, leaders of the social economy, jointly employ almost 140,000 people

Date: 03/30/2021
Family photo of the signing of the agreement between Corporación MONDRAGON and Grupo Social ONCE

The MONDRAGON Corporation and the ONCE Social Group have signed a collaboration agreement to give a strong boost to the concepts of social economy and circular economy, in which they are leaders, and to advocate training, employment and accessible technologies for all their workers , especially for people with disabilities. The two groups together total 139,082 workers.

Under the criteria of sustainability, universal accessibility and development of the social economy, both entities join forces to promote training in these matters, with special emphasis on people with disabilities.

The agreement has been signed in Madrid by the presidents of Grupo Social ONCE and Corporación Mondragón, Miguel Carballeda and Íñigo Ucín , in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, who was "delighted" to be the "godmother" of "an agreement that brings together two of the largest Spanish families to promote the social economy based on training, technology or sustainability. It is an important agreement with a positive impact on the population because, in addition, it reinforces the most disadvantaged, "the minister stressed, before reiterating that this type of agreement" makes Spain stronger and makes you protagonists of the post-pandemic economic recovery; your demonstrated resistance is in your DNA, in that of Mondragón and that of the ONCE Social Group, and that will help us because citizens need your Minister Reyes Maroto speaks with Carballeda and Ucín, before the signingencouragement, the encouragement of the social economy, which is possible ”. 

Home automation for inclusion

The care of the elderly and people with disabilities is positioned as a key project, especially considering that both business groups already have experience in the residential field, as well as in the manufacture of digital and inclusive solutions for the home, with home automation innovation put into practice. inclusion service.

In addition, it will collaborate on common sustainable business lines, with initiatives that include themes such as industrial laundries, friendly cities "Smart Human Cities" or the home of the future.

A cooperation program will be included to promote design and universal accessibility for all people, through the services provided by both companies. And it will have a special impact on virtual spaces, buildings, facilities and access to services, focusing on technological accessibility under the advice of the ONCE Foundation technicians and experts, in the case of access to goods and services for the elderly or with disability.

Future jobs

On the other hand, recruitment, orientation and job placement programs will be established for all people in order to achieve and strengthen their access to quality employment, with the support of Inserta, the ONCE Foundation entity specialized in this.

The two entities have socially responsible purchasing among their objectives and, in this line, MONDRAGON will study the possibility of promoting social content clauses in most central procurement; will study the possibility of being part of the "Forum for Socially Responsible Hiring"; or to accredit their centers or units as a Socially Responsible Company with people with disabilities and Universal Accessibility through the BEQUAL Seal.

Good fellow travelers, shared goal

They will also joinMoment of the signing between Corporación MONDRAGON and Grupo Social ONCE collaboration and social responsibility actions with the ONCE Guide Dog Foundation and the one aimed at the Attention of People with Deafblindness while, in the international arena, both entities will promote the development of international cooperation programs through the Foundation ONCE for Latin America (FOAL) and Mundukide. 

The president of MONDRAGON, Iñigo Ucin, has pointed out in this regard that “it is a collaboration between two institutions that have already worked together in the past and that want to take advantage of their good harmony and their enormous capacities to put them at the service of a shared goal: the generation of employment, especially for people with disabilities ”.

For his part, the president of Grupo Social ONCE, Miguel Carballeda, has underlined how “the union, the sum and the cooperation of two large organizations will improve the quality of life of many people they reach, with the idea that be it for everyone equally. We are good travel companions to move towards a more inclusive and sustainable future ”.

Grupo Social ONCE and Corporación MONDRAGON are leaders in the social economy in the areas in which they operate, social and industrial, respectively, and generate employment (end 2019 data) for 139,082 workers throughout the state territory, which makes them two of companies located in the "top ten" of the largest private employers. This agreement renews their collaboration and strengthens joint work in the future.

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