Published: February 9, 2021

EL Corporate University went virtual with its 2021 Induction module

First virtual Corporate University Induction

Like many other EL activities and services, the EL Corporate University went virtual with its 2021 Induction module. For four mornings participants joined together to learn about all things lottery related.

The unique challenge for the EL team in presenting Virtual ELCU – Induction 2021, in these unprecedented times, was to create an educational, interesting and entertaining event for the 24 participants. This was never going to be a “listen only” for “invisible participants” web based event.

The presentation team consisted of 12 professionals who work in lotteries; had worked in lotteries or provide consultancy services to lotteries. So, we had the best and most up-to-date providers of lottery experience possible. For example, Roger Soleim, who presented on Omni-channel is currently the Omni-channel manager with Norsk Tipping who are the acknowledged leaders in this field. Peter Voets, who presented on Multi-jurisdictional Games is a member of the management Committee of Euromillions and leads the Euromillions Innovation Group.

The 24 participants actively engaged in a number of breakout sessions to discuss issues and complete exercises set by presenters. There was a major exercise to design a scratch card and its online version to appeal to the 18 to 25 age group. An optional period of 3 hours was instantly taken up by all four teams who, overnight, produced four excellent game designs… any one of which could have been successfully launched in their own lotteries.

Over the course of the four mornings of the event, and the additional three hours of group work, the participants also had a real opportunity to exchange experience with fellow lottery professionals from other lotteries and to forge new professional relationships with colleagues from the EL family.

An open Q&A session on the last day gave the opportunity for participants to ask any questions or raise any issues on lottery topics that might not have been directly addressed in one of the sessions.

So, another 24 graduates from ELCU join almost 1000 lottery professionals who have already profited from this unique EL professional training experience.

Ray Bates

EL Honorary President and Moderator

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