Published: July 6, 2024

National Lottery of Charity of El Salvador (LNB) was founded July 7, 1870

The National Lottery of Charity of El Salvador (LNB) was founded in 1870 under the administration of the Rosales Hospital Charity Board. It began operations under the name “Lotería del Hospital” and held its first draw in 1871. In 1950, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance was established, under which all the country's hospitals depended. Since the Lottery was created to help one of them, it was attached to said Ministry. Today, it is an
autonomous institution with sustainable experience, developed and strengthened by the track record gained over more than a century.

In 1960, the Organic Law of the LNB was approved; in 1989, it was added to the Instant Lottery (LOTIN) product portfolio.
In 2006, the Social Responsibility program was strengthened. A year later, the CIBELAE Congress and the launch of the new LOTRA (Lottery Jackpot) game modality were held in our country.

At 148 years old, the Institution that was born one day with the purpose of helping, has become the support of many, who benefit directly and indirectly, through the generation of employment, improvement of the quality of life by the prizes obtained, projects promoted by the Central Government, through the profits generated and the Social Responsibility Program. Framed under this philosophy, the LNB operates with standards that guarantee the greatest efficiency, transparency and security in the games; advancing firmly in its purpose of always providing many opportunities to Salvadorans who trust in its transparency, deposit their dreams by acquiring our products, with which they are participants in the forging of the well-being of society, through our projects and programs.
● Products / Games:
Traditional Lottery: Currently there are four types of draws: Lottery Jackpot, Billetero Special, Extraordinary, Christmas.
● Lottery in Numbers
– Number of points of sale: 208 points of sale / 1,316 (sellers)
– Number of employees: 140
– Annual Gross Collection 2017: US$ 36,591,750.00
– Amount allocated to Good Causes: US$ 1,248,720.00

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