Published: June 1, 2024

BRAZIL: Lucíola Aor Vasconcelos: Caixa Loterias is interested in participating in sports betting

In a recent interview with CIBELAE, the president director of Caixa Loterias , Lucíola Aor Vasconcelos, highlighted the company's fundamental role in promoting community development in Brazil and the interest in participating in the sports betting market.

Contribution to social development

Caixa Loterias, authorized by the Brazilian federal government to operate nationwide lotteries, has demonstrated an approach focused on social impact. Approximately 50% of the income generated by games and raffles is allocated to social programs in key areas such as social security, culture and sports. “ Our fundamental principle is to operate lotteries in a way that promotes the social development of the country ,” Vasconcelos highlights. Additionally, the company is proud, among other contributions, of its commitment to sponsoring sports projects with a strong focus on community development.

Strategies to maintain market leadership

Faced with growing competition in the lottery market, Caixa Loterias is adopting strategies to maintain its leadership position. “ Our approach is development, more investment and training, to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market ,” says the president director. This includes increased investment in technology and training to ensure a world-class customer experience and a competitive product and service offering.

Technological innovation and customer service

The company is focused on technological innovation to meet the changing demands of gamers. “ We have placed great emphasis on technology development in recent months, hiring market experts to ensure that we can compete on equal terms with our rivals ,” says Luciola Aor Vasconcelos. Through strategic partnerships with market leaders, Caixa Loterias seeks to remain at the forefront in terms of quality and customer service.

Future of Caixa Loterias in sports betting

With the growth of the sports betting market in Brazil, Caixa Loterias is evaluating its participation in this sector. The company has expressed its interest in operating in this market, complying with the necessary regulatory requirements. According to Vasconcelos, “ we are closely following the development of regulation by the Ministry of Finance and have expressed our interest in participating in sports betting. We are ready to go through the qualification and requirements process .”

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