Published: March 22, 2024

Lottopar publishes ordinance defining state policy on responsible gaming

Lottopar has just instituted the State Responsible Gaming Policy. Ordinance No. 008/2024 aims to ensure that lottery and fixed-odd betting operators comply with the standards established to protect players and prevent possible negative effects that the activity may promote.

n addition to the provisions of the ordinance, international recommendations and federal and state standards apply to Responsible Gaming.

The State Policy for Responsible Gaming establishes the commitment of the State of Paraná to guarantee safe gaming, minimize and prevent the possible negative effects of gambling, in addition to ensuring that lottery and fixed-odd betting operators promote practices that encourage healthy and responsible.

Lottopar is ensuring that the regulations contained in the Ordinance are complied with and provide a healthy and safe lottery environment for the people of Paraná.

This policy reinforces the commitment of the Government of Paraná to offering a state lottery with the highest international standards of security and responsibility in lottery betting, and Lottopar, as the granting body, will monitor that these operations are in line with our State Policy of Responsible Gaming”, said the president of Lottopar, Daniel Romanowski.

International seal

Lottopar, aiming to implement the best international practices in Safe Gaming and Responsible Gaming, joined two of the largest lottery associations in the world, global authorities in Safe Gaming and Responsible Gaming. In May 2023, Lottopar was approved as a member of the Ibero-American State Betting and Lottery Corporation (Cibelae).

In November 2023, Lottopar was the first state lottery in Brazil to be approved as a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA), the largest lottery association in the world, which brings together more than 150 state lotteries, in 80 countries, on five continents.

With this, Lottopar continually seeks to defend and implement the highest ethical principles in safe gambling and responsible gambling.


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