Published: February 24, 2024

Hoosier Lottery Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Reports

The Hoosier Lottery has released its Fiscal Year 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report and its FY 2023 Financial Annual Report.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report contains Fiscal Year 2023 information and data regarding the three pillars of the Hoosier Lottery’s corporate social responsibility program: responsible gaming, community and employee engagement and responsible practices.

The work discussed in the Report supports the Lottery’s mission to return maximum net income to the state of Indiana in a socially responsible manner. Since 1989, the Hoosier Lottery has contributed more than $7 billion to good causes and provides annual contributions of $30 million to local police and firefighters’ pensions and $30 million to the Teachers’ Retirement Fund.

The Hoosier Lottery’s responsible gaming education program is called Positive Play, and players can find information and interactive resources on its website ( and the free Hoosier Lottery mobile app. In addition, the Lottery launched its support of the National Council on Problem Gambling’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month campaign with new online educational tools called “flip tips,” as well as an easier-to-use Track Your Play Calculator.

The Report also discusses the Lottery’s other two pillars, responsible practices and engagement. The Lottery continues to find tremendous value in connecting its employees to the community through sponsorship partnerships, beneficiary group affiliations and local nonprofits.

Lottery employees supported a food drive in support of Veterans Day via Feeding Indiana’s Hungry food drive, a Toys for Tots toy drive and a Re-Read and ReUse book drive in honor of Earth Day.

According to the FY 2023 Financial Annual Report, the Lottery sold $1.307 billion in Scratch-offs and $439 million in Draw games in FY 2023, for a total of $1.746 billion. Of that total, $1.35 billion was paid out in prizes and $119 million was paid in retailer commissions. In addition, $370.2 million was contributed to the state of Indiana.

To view the complete FY 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report, visit and view the complete FY 2023 Financial Annual Report at

ABOUT THE HOOSIER LOTTERY: The Hoosier Lottery has earned World Lottery Association Level 4 Certification through 2024 for achieving the highest level of responsible gaming. To learn more about the Hoosier Lottery, visit and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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