Published: February 7, 2024

New Taiwan Lottery Year of Dragon scratch cards to pay out NT$19.9 billion

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, the Taiwan Lottery has launched five new scratch cards that will pay over NT$19.9 billion (US$634 million) in prize money to the lucky winners.

On Jan. 16, the Taiwan Lottery announced that it would boost its total jackpots for its Super Lotto, the Grand Lottery, and Bingo Bingo to NT$970 million, the largest amount offered in seven years, and the second most ever. In addition, it also launched five new lottery scratch cards on Jan. 16.

The scratch card with the biggest payout is the Super Red Envelope (2,000萬超級紅包), which sells for NT$2,000 and offers winnings of between NT$1,000 and NT$20 million. Players have a 69.34% chance of winning at least NT$1,000, but the odds go down to 10.3% of winning a prize higher than NT$2,000.

The Super Red Envelope includes eight top prizes worth NT$20 million and 10 second prizes that include NT$2 million in cash and a Mercedes-Benz GLA180 SUV. There will also be 1,000 third prizes worth NT$1 million each.

The card with the second-highest jackpot is the Golden Dragon Award (金龍獎), which sells for NT$500 and offers a payout between NT$100 and NT$3 million. The unique aspect of this card is that players have a 100% chance of at least winning NT$100 and there will be 13 first prizes issued worth NT$3 million.

The Fortune of the Golden Dragon (金龍報喜) and Lucky Red Envelope (幸運紅包) cards both sell for NT$200, but their prizes and odds of winning differ. The Golden Dragon offers between NT$200 and NT$100,000 prizes, with the odds of winning at least NT$200 listed at 50.34%.

Players of the Lucky Red Envelope could win between NT$200 and NT$2 million, with the odds of at least taking home NT$200 standing at 34%.

The cheapest scratch card is the Every Dragon Wins (攏好運) card, which can be bought for NT$100. The cash prizes for this card range between NT$100 and NT$300,000, with 33.14% odds of winning at least NT$100.

On Monday (Feb. 5), the Taiwan Lottery announced that the first winner of the NT$20 million top prize for the Super Red Envelope was a woman who lives in Changhua and was born in the Year of the Dragon, reported UDN. She said she won after buying a Super Red Envelope scratch card for the first time and plans to go to a temple to thank Guanyin, the goddess of mercy, and buy a new house.,money%20to%20the%20lucky%20winners.


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