Published: September 24, 2023

Spain: SELAE’s 2023 National Christmas Lottery ticket to include the logo of the Spanish EU Presidency

Every year, the National Christmas Lottery tickets in Spain include an image of one of the paintings in The Prado Museum in Madrid, showing SELAE’s commitment to Spanish culture.

In Christmas spirits, this year’s artwork is “The Nativity” by Maestro de Sopetran.

”It’s a Flemish style painting in which the details and beauty of the elements and the colours can be appreciated. The author, called Maestro de Sopetran, was anynomous, we don’t know his identity. So the choice of this painting is also a recognition of the thousands of anonymous Spanish people who work excellently every day and they create value to the entire society.”

This year, as a novelty, in addition to the artwork the tickets will also include the logo of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The Spanish presidency started this July and continues until the end of 2023, meaning that it coincides exactly with the sale period of the tickets. In this way, the 185 million tickets available will spread awareness of the event.

Jesús Huerta, president and CEO of SELAE, has said: ”SELAE, as a public company, joins this event and highlights its importance through the emblematic Christmas Lottery Draw. Therefore, SELAE pays tribute to the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU, an event that brings us together and an occasion of joint celebration for Spanish society.”

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