Published: June 11, 2023

EL Congress Croatia 2023 Wow. Congratulations to Team EL

EL Congress Croatia 2023 Wow.  Congratulations to Team EL and the Croatian Lottery for producing the most fabulous EL Congress.  Maybe it’s because it’s been four years since our last EL Congress; maybe it’s because of the great content (cutting edge as always), or because we were so anxious for solutions updates from our technology partners’ trade show exhibits.  Maybe it’s because Croatia is the most beautiful country with the most extraordinary coastline (mountainous with hundreds of islands and dotted with ancient coastal towns.  No wonder it is the location for the filming of Game of Thrones as well as the setting for EL Congress).  Some of us came early to enjoy a few days of tourist-time, and so glad we did.  Our September print issue will feature articles about this event, interviews with leaders of the EL, photo collage, and more.  Check in at in a few days to view the videos we did at the Congress Trade-Show.  And be sure to visit for EL news and events calendar.      

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