Published: May 21, 2023

Loterie Romande’s 2022 results: a record CHF 243.4 million francs in support of social welfare, sport and culture

Thanks to the diversity of its products, the quality of its sales network and the development of its digital activity, Loterie Romande is pleased to be able to distribute a record amount of CHF 243.4 million to social, sporting and cultural clubs and associations in French-speaking Switzerland. Loterie Romande attaches fundamental importance to offering its gambling products in a responsible and attractive environment in order to guarantee the pursuit of its mission: to distribute all of its profits to projects of public benefit.

LAUSANNE, May 15, 2023 – Thursday, May 11, 2023 saw Loterie Romande’s General Assembly at Môtiers approve its 2022 operating accounts. Gross gambling revenues (GGR), i.e. the amount of money staked less winnings paid out to players, totalled CHF 435.5 million. This gratifying result is due to the diversity and dynamism of the Loterie Romande offer, but also to the resumption of activities of cafés-restaurants heavily impacted by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

As a consequence, Loterie Romande is pleased it can make a record total of CHF 243.4 million available for projects of public benefit. The result corresponds to an increase of 3.6% compared to 2021 (CHF 235 million). “Our institution is delighted to pursue its core public benefit mission in favour of the welfare, sport, culture, education, research and heritage sectors, all of which represent pillars of our society,” notes Jean-René Fournier, Chairman of Loterie Romande.

Most of the profit, i.e. CHF 220.5 million, will be used to support more than projects in the six French-speaking cantons. Swiss Olympic, the Swiss Football Association and the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation will receive substantial support amounting to CHF 19.5 million thanks to Loterie Romande’s strong results. The Swiss Horse Racing Federation (FSC) will receive CHF 3.4 million for equestrian sport.

With 247 staff on its books as of 1 January 2023, 2022 saw Loterie Romande pay out CHF 80.9 million in commission fees to the 2,400 retailers selling its gambling products throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Loterie Romande thus makes a significant contribution to local neighbourhood businesses (kiosks, cafés/bars, restaurants) located in city centres, on the outskirts of towns and in rural villages.

Digital offer and player safeguarding

Loterie Romande’s online gambling platform, which allows players to place their stakes on all media, continues to evolve while ensuring a safe and responsible environment. However, the vast majority of players prefer to patronise cafés, restaurants, kiosks and local shops to participate in the gambling activities. In 2022, the share of online gambling represented 13.4% of Loterie Romande’s total gross gambling revenues (13.7% in 2021).

Protecting players from the risks associated with gambling and supervising the practice of gambling is a central issue for Loterie Romande. In order to prevent and combat excessive gambling, it is implementing a comprehensive programme of social measures on its online gambling platform and at its sales outlets. “Pursuing our mission by offering a diversified, attractive and responsible range of products is our daily challenge,” says Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, Managing Director of Loterie Romande. “That is why we added a prevention message to most of our commercial advertising campaigns on a voluntary basis in 2022.”

Loterie Romande has spent the last 85 years organising lottery and betting games with a single objective: to serve the community. As such, it attaches fundamental importance to conducting its activities in a safe and responsible manner.


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