Published: April 6, 2023

Germany: Record Year for LOTTO Hessen GmbH

6aus49, Eurojackpot and scratch cards most popular products/ Hessen win 410 million euros/ community benefits with 147 million euros/ management in a team from May 1st

Wiesbaden, April 4th, 2023. The enthusiasm of the Hessians for typing is undiminished:

With 745.1 million euros, they spent more than ever on their lottery luck last year –

a record in almost 75 years of LOTTO Hessen. 

More than 410 million euros flowed back to the Hessian winners, 13 of whom became millionaires. 

Peak value for 2022: 45 million euros. 

Not everyone redeemed their winnings, a total of around 2.5 million euros waited in vain to be picked up. 

The LOTTO sales outlets in the state remain the most important pillar with 80 percent of sales, but online betting also increased significantly again in 2022. 

The common good benefited from the stakes in 2022 with 147.1 million euros .


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