Published: February 10, 2023

Government of Paraná will hold a public hearing to discuss the format of lotteries

Lotepar, an autarchy linked to the Secretariat for Administration and Social Security (Seap) of the State of Paraná, will promote next Tuesday, February 14, a public hearing to obtain suggestions from individuals and legal entities on the concession of the public service of lotteries in Paraná. The audience will address the exploration of the lottery activity of sports betting.

The objective is to receive contributions for the elaboration of the term of reference for the concession, an important phase for the implementation of the service. The public hearing will take place virtually, broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Department of Logistics for Public Procurement of the Secretariat for Administration and Social Security.

Those interested in participating must register by Monday, the 13th, sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with a copy of the identity document or equivalent document; social contract, statute or registration of the individual entrepreneur, if a legal entity; power of attorney, if applicable. Contributions sent by the date and time of the opening of the hearing will be read during the public session.

Applications for participation in the ongoing public hearing will not be accepted. Those accredited to participate will have up to 10 minutes to expose their suggestions and clarify doubts. The Administration Secretariat will receive suggestions from people and companies until 6 pm on Wednesday, February 15th.

Lottery in Paraná

Created at the end of 2021, after the sanction of State Law 20.945/21, Paraná’s public lottery service aims to generate resources to finance actions for the promotion of social rights, since part of the collection of games will be destined for this goal.

Paraná’s lottery system will have two aspects: fixed-quota sports betting, in the format of “bets”, and lotteries, both of which can be explored in physical and virtual environments.

In the first case, the accreditation of companies that already operate in the fixed quota sports betting market is foreseen, being able to explore this modality in a way organized by the State. The process is in the study phase and this public hearing will help to give security to the process.

In the second case, the project provides for exploration of the lottery system, with the implementation of physical spaces and accreditation of establishments where bets can be made. In this modality, there will also be a study of the market and participation of the population. The final definitions (number of new lottery outlets, game format, prices, etc.) are still being studied by Lotepar.

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