Published: July 30, 2023

Legal Update on the UK Fourth National Lottery licence competition

Fourth National Lottery licence competition: legal update (July 2023)

28 July 2023

In early September 2022 Camelot and IGT withdrew their respective appeals against the Gambling Commission’s decision to award the Fourth licence to Allwyn.

This resulted in the suspension of the licence award automatically being lifted, permitting the Commission to enter into an Enabling Agreement with Allwyn on 20 September 2022. Allwyn was officially awarded the Fourth licence at that point and the work to commence the transition was able to start in earnest.

However, IGT remained as the claimants in the court proceedings and have continued to pursue its claim in damages only.

Today – Friday 28 July 2023 – following representations made by the Gambling Commission, the High Court has decided that IGT lacks the legal standing to bring this legal claim against the Commission and therefore IGT’s claims have been dismissed meaning it can no longer pursue a claim for damages. The legal claim by The New Lottery Company (TNLC) was stayed pending the outcome of this legal action. The Commission is not aware what TNLC intentions are following this outcome.

This brings an end to all IGT litigation regarding the Fourth licence competition in the Commission’s favour, subject to any IGT appeal against this decision. We remain resolute that we have run a fair and robust competition, and that our evaluation has been carried out fairly and lawfully in accordance with our statutory duties. We have taken every step possible to ensure a level playing field for all interested parties, to enable us to appoint a licensee who will engage and protect players, run the National Lottery with integrity and ensure the National Lottery maximises support for good causes and its contribution to society through further innovation and investment.

Our priority is to continue to work to implement our decision and ensure a seamless and timely transition to the next licence, for the benefit of participants and good causes. The National Lottery is one of the world’s largest lotteries and since launching in 1994, National Lottery players have collectively raised more than £47 billion for 670,000 good causes across the UK, transforming lives and contributing to the arts, sport, heritage and communities.

Allwyn has committed to investment in the National Lottery that is expected to deliver growth and innovation across the National Lottery’s products and channels, resulting in increased contributions to good causes, subject to the protection of participants and propriety.

In order to protect the integrity of the process, we will not be able to discuss the specifics until all aspects of existing litigation are fully concluded.,pursue%20a%20claim%20for%20damages.

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