Published: September 23, 2022

Swedish gambling regulator Spelinspektionen has banned Casineia operator Ease Gaming NV from offering games of chance in Sweden

Swedish gambling regulator Spelinspektionen has banned Casineia operator Ease Gaming NV from offering games of chance in Sweden. The site was found to be operating in the jurisdiction without a license. 

After an inspection, Ease Gaming's other websites -Slothive, Gamblii and Jinxcasino- were also forbidden to operate in the country. Even though it is now banned from conducting gambling operations in Sweden, that does not mean the websites will automatically be shut down, as it is up to the company to respect the regulator's decision.

As Ease Gaming is not based within the European Union, it is not possible for the watchdog to demand any sanctions or pursue the matter legally. The Swedish Gambling Authority hopes the ban will lead to players not choosing to play at these online casinos. 

The Gambling Act applies to games provided in Sweden, with specifically stated exceptions. It is prohibitive legislation that is based on the principle that everyone who acts in the Swedish gaming market must have a license. It is therefore not permitted to provide games without a license when one is required," the regulator stated.

The purpose of the new regulation is for gambling to be channeled to offers from responsible, reliable and controllable players. The regulation is based on the fact that everyone who acts on the Swedish gambling market must have a Swedish gambling license and that other actors without a license must be shut out," the Authority added. “Spelinspektionen considers that, with regard to consumer protection and to guarantee gaming safety, it is important that the decision is complied with immediately."

The Swedish Gaming Act is based on the principle that companies operating in the Swedish market must have a license. The law is applied to all forms of gambling that are provided within Sweden, regardless of whether the operator is based in another country.

If an online casino offers Swedish currency, Swedish-speaking customer service, or if it is possible to select Sweden as the country of residence in the registration form, the company in question operates in Sweden. This means it is subject to the provisions of the Swedish Gaming Act.

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