Published: June 1, 2019

Jackpocket introduces social "Private Pools" feature as jackpots rise

Jackpocket: today we introduced the app's newest feature, Private Pools, a way for people to create (and name) their own private lottery groups, and pool their tickets for better odds in the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot drawings. With both approaching half a billion dollars each, what better time to shoot for the moon!

Some nifty tools make Private Pools an even more personalized and social experience than your typical pool:

  • The more tickets a player contributes to the pot, the bigger their slice of the prize pie.
  • The prize share calculator shows what a player’s prize percentage of the pot could be, with every ticket they add.
  • The Activity Feed tracks all tickets, shows the group who’s joined or who’s ordered more tickets for themselves, for an added social and competitive element.

No paper tickets to deal with, no ownership issues, no fuss. Recently, a lucky pair of friends and coworkers won $50,000 in a Powerball drawing this month during our beta testing, in their Private Pool, “Brothers."

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