Published: July 1, 2018

IGT Taking Care of Bizness - a coordinated suite of smart and open business intelligence tools


In a first for the industry, lotteries can now choose from a coordinated suite of smart and open business intelligence tools to manage the activities that drive growth.

By Kasia Cahill, Senior Director, Lottery Applications, IGT, and Beverly Herter, Director, Product Content Strategy, IGT

Several years ago, as our team was setting out to develop a more effective way to communicate and share data with the lottery retailer network we managed, we recognized that we could expand our vision.

Not only could we bring vital information, training, and inventorymanagement tools to retailers’ fingertips, we could offer lotteries something that wasn’t available in the industry: a full set of businessintelligence tools that provide all lottery stakeholders with a range of solutions to identify growth opportunities, support execution, and save time and resources across all lottery touchpoints.

From experience in Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey, and as part of a larger team that manages lotteries in jurisdictions around the globe, we saw from an operator perspective that the available tools didn’t always alleviate the pain points associated with the lottery category.

Since that time, IGT has fulfilled the original vision with a synchronized suite of nimble, user-friendly applications that lottery employees, sales staffs, and retailers can deploy to inform smarter, fact-based decisions and propel the actions that drive sales. These state-of-the-art applications – or BizApps – were shaped and are continually refined with extensive input from customers, retailers, sales reps, focus groups, user studies, and IGT’s lottery operational teams, who know the ins and outs of performance analytics, sales-force and retailer-network management, and the challenges faced by a telesales team aiming to drive same store sales.

This process gives all customers the opportunity to have their voices heard and help shape the roadmap of the products they use. And given the pace that industry practices and technology move at today, customers will benefit from frequent updates, allowing them to take advantage of a stream of new features and have the most current version of the tools.

The driving vision behind BizApps is to make it easier for lottery customers to manage the everyday activities that drive sales and profit growth across all departments and their retail network. While each tool works well independently, because they share data and insights consistently with integrated KPIs and alerts, they’re even more powerful together. Users benefit further from the training IGT provides – training created by those who helped to design the solutions, many with years of experience in a corresponding lottery role. User-based insights inform the functionality of every tool in the suite. The most-needed features are front and center, and the tools are easy to use – with highly configurable dashboards that give at-a-glance views and a user experience tailored to individual roles and preferences. IGT is excited to offer this sophisticated, user-friendly suite of tools, and to help customers choose and shape the best solutions for their needs.



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